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New Rear Fog Light??????


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Precisely the sort of bling-bling nonsense that will get you pulled by the Polizei - who will then haul your vehicle into a layby and hand it on to the VOSA/HMRC-guys and you don't-get-to-complete-your-journey until the results from the DERV-fraud lab are returned [which can sometimes be 3 or 4 days].

Truth is, you can get a way with a hell of a lot of 'modifications' and unconventionality if they're truly discreet and unobtrusive.

Only losers attract attention.

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Up here in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales we get periodic dense fog, summer and winter, and I think it's a brilliant concept as it gives the vehicle following you a visible safe braking distance, I'm not too sure that the local plod would agree however

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