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No spark with EDIS


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I got the set of Nigel running for 3-4 years now. Working great and flawless, till now....

After a few months of no use, I wanted to started my offroader (86 RRC 3.5 EFI with 3.9 Inlet and full MS1 with EDIS set from Nige).

Nothing... Engine is rotating, but not even a cough.

- Check the spark first, all 8 no spark

- Check the timing in Tunerstudio. All ok

- Check rpm in Tunerstudio, At startup around 150rpm

- Removed the EDIS to MS connection (should run on a fixed 10 degree)

- Checked voltage at middlepoint of 2 coils (Ford). 0V when in rest, 12+V when ignition is on, 11V when starting

- Changed complete EDIS module with a known working one.

Still no spark.

EDIS just needs the timing from the trigger wheel (is working because got rpm in Tunerstudio and polarization is ok (run with it for more then 3yr without issues)

EDIS changed with known good one.

Coils get power.

What more can I do?


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Two dead coil packs sound pretty unlikely, but I suppose it is possible? Checked all your earth points?

When checking for spark are you just removing one lead at a time?

Aside from that I think you have covered all bases.

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Odd !

Suspect VR sensor, or connection at VR sensor, super clean pins etc and see ?

Is the Fuel pump still priming and shutting off when ignition on ? guessing it is ?

Other than the above check the earths are clean and decent...earths can cause all sorts of weird results if wrong !

Report back


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Thanks guys!

I checked the battery and even tried the Red Top from my daily diesel RRC.

Fuel pump is priming for a couple of seconds (also my second pump in the second tank). Also LPG will be released when actually starting.

I haven't checked the coil packs; 2 Broken sounded pretty strange to me. I have a new one somewhere, a good point to try and you never know.

One thing I just started to remember, the MS+EDIS Rover never missed a beat in 3 years, until the last night trip a couple of months ago. The car sputtered a couple of times, but it kept going and the last 3 hours of the trip without sputtering or issues. The night trip was really wet, muddy and fun. I just thought the VR sensor got a bit dirty.

Nige, I will mail you for a new VR sensor and a possible spare one. It is good to try it. Otherwise I don't know.

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I had similar symptoms on my car and it turned out to be the loose connection of one of the wires at the VR sensor.

Peel back the rubber boot and give the wires a firm tug - they shouldn't move,

Cheers Charlie

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Checked the connectors (VR - Coils), but all look like new from inside. Also the trigger wheel looks good.

I need to check the wire connections 1 by 1 until I find something. Something should be in there.

Will update you guys with possible news.

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It is running again.

The stutttering was most likely due to a bad injector (broken internal connector).

The non-starting issue was solved by 8 new spark plugs..... Aparantly somebody started my range now and then just to hear it running.

My start-up is rather rich, so after a time it smoked mine plugs... Well, after cleaning I have some spares now.

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