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110 - transfer box removal..

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I've looked in the various guides for dropping the transfer box on a 110, and most of them recommend removing the drivers floor panel.

Is it possible to remove it without touching the floor? I've got LPG tanks secured to the floor panel and an x-eng pendal lock so would rather avoid it if possible!!

Any advice / pointers / suggestions based on past experience much appreciated!



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Are you sure the guides haven't been for removing the gearbox, rather than the transfer box ?

Les's guide here in the tech archive, for fitting a new transfer box, only describes lifting the access hatch under the centre seat to get to the linkages ......

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Just found the guide:


From inside the vehicle, remove the drivers seat cushion, drivers floor panel, transmission tunnel cover, and centre seat/cubby box panel.

One of the pics shows the floor panel removed, but doesn't look like it allows you to get to much... If I can get away without it that'd be much better!!

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