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Electrical conundrum....


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Is it possible to build a relatively simple circuit that will switch on with the ignition but will only switch off when a predetermined temperature is reached?

No ideas on how but sure there is something like it for AC, where fans run on after engine is off to stop the refridgerant boiling?

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Yes, self latching relay. Take a normal relay and wire the output to the trigger so when it contacts it stays 'latched'. But where it is fed by a diode so it doesn't back feed the ignition wire. The thermo-switch then breaks the latch wire when it opens.

Thermo switches come in at range of temps and NO or NC (normally open / normally closed)

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For something to do with your turbo?

Yes, was doing a lot of reading up on turbos and there are an enormous amount of factors to considerwhen it comes to the death of a turbo, overheating and lack of lubrication are the two biggest.

In another conundrum I was investigating dry sump technology as possible engine would have probably been an easier install with dry sump and saved headaches and compromises with sumps and engine placement, but I was looking into electric oil pumps for the systems over trying to get the original mech ones to do the necessary work.

Then, a couple of years on I am here with this strange idea to run the turbo on a closed loop oil system with it's own reservoir, pump, filter, and oil cooler.

Pump comes on with ignition ensuring turbo is lubed from the go, two temp sensors, one for the electric cooling fan on the cooler and the other that will turn it all off at preset temp once feed from ignition is switched off.

Yes, crazy people do exist :(

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I built something similar - just a turbo over-run timer using a 555 Timer chip. These days much easier (and cheaper) with a microcontroller.

Dead easy with an Arduino for example. Use one of the Analog ports to measure the temperature and a built in timer so it switches off eventually even if the temperature never reaches your set point (low oil / coolant for example) where keeping it running is doing more harm than good.


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