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Defender Tdci resilience to water flooding?


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Hi folks, has anyone had any experiences of re-commissioning a Tdci after an unfortunate drowning incident? One of my MRT trucks appears to have taken a lung full of flood waters... sounds like the "raised air intake" wing seal gave up while they had to take the truck through some waist deep water, no loud bangs, sounds like the power just fell off and it stalled, I'm guessing due to a saturated air filter.

I've been reading that the ecu's are maybe a tad more water resistant than the td5 era? Or is that all bull?

Any experiences/advice welcome.


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Hi Mav

There are no seals on a Puma air intake.The fit of the plastic pipework is rubbish.Even with a RAI,the pipework needs to be sealed properly.

Take the air filter out,if its full of water,dry it out.Pop the injectors out & spin it over,if water comes out of the injector holes,spin it over until it stops,put injectors back & fire it up.

It might steam a bit from the exhahst,dont rev it,just let it idle or rev gently until the steam stops.

Hopefully all will be well.

Fingers crossed.


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Thanks for the advice chaps. Looks like we may be called on again in the next wee while - hopefully not mind.

OK so to try get them prepared for another bout, we're talking silicone sealant of air system parts and a bag of spare relays and fusses!! Will have to come up with a permanent wadeing solution after the present threating weather has passed.

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There are companies that sell a kit of parts to connect the raised air intake to the air filter box, but they are quite expensive/far away. Examples include Entreq and Nugget Stuff.

The biggest point of entry, as far as I can see, is the rubber drain in the base of the air filter box, if not in perfect condition, and the connection between the dirty air pipe and the air filter box, it seems to be about a 1cm gap between these two bits of hard plastic.

I bought a length of robust convoluted hose tube that I was going to use to somehow join the air filter box to the raised air intake, but instead decided to just not drive through that deep water again.

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Paul, thanks for the eye opener! I'd actually seen these kits on eBay and not understood what they where until this afternoon when I got to have a good squint in the engine bay of the rest of the our vehicles, I'll be putting it forward that we purchased these for our vehicles.

After spending the afternoon mopping/blowing water out of verious defender orifice's on 3 vehicles I've got to say I'm rather impressed on how well these trucks stood up to some quite serious deep wading, of the 3 that did survive, an 11, 14 & 15 plate vehicles. The 11 came off the worst having had the drivers under seat box flooded and some standing water fried the rear fog light controller, water had got into the battery box too, but didn't seem to have effected it too much... The radiators where pretty gunked up full of debris and the 11 plate had fancy carpet trim for some odd reason which soaked up twice its wait in water. All 3 air filters the sponge bottoms where wet with only one actually having a damp paper element, all 3 vehicles have the latest mantec raised air intake, which seems to be pretty secure to the body, shame about the tiddle poor pipework on the inside mind. My mind had certainly been opened to the capabilities of the tdci's...

Slightly embarrassing....


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Now a rather interesting update on the said vehicle in the picture...

Other than being a tad soggy, LR got her running again after emptying what they've estimated to be about 6 litres of water out the engine by removing the injectors and turning her over, by the sound of it they did exactly as Sharky (Marc) advised. No engine management lights and she was purring like a kitten.

But... as the water came up to just below door window level, that flooded all the electrics below, other than the headlights, nothing else was working. Also the truck wont drive, gearbox seems to be selecting fine but there's a suspected seized clutch.

I went in to speak to the mechanic that got her pulse going again, he sounded genuinely impressed that he'd managed to get her going, even more so when I showed him the picture of her in the puddle.

Again, my respect for the Tdci beasty is further increased.

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