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Whirring, vibrating discussion.


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Putting this here as it affects everything with an LT230.

I am pretty sure I have a stuffed transferbox, discussion with buddy Paul and he thinks otherwise.

Symptoms, started as dull whirring at 70mph and only on acceleration, ie, motorway hills, slowed to 60 and gone, 20miles further and whirring is now moderate vibration at 60 but still only on acceleration, no ½" drive at work so no chance to check oils, took back roads home for slow speed and moderate turned to harsh vibration at 50mph slowing to 40 eased it a bit but I was down to 30/35 for last miles.

Only happens on acceleration, silent on overrun and rumbly on cruise.

UJs are tight and greased less than 1000kms ago.

Hand brake rebuilt less than 1000kms ago.

Only a pint and a bit oil came out of transferbox when drained.

Both diffs full of oil, LT77 full of oil.

Anyone got further suggestions?

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Has to be front if it's prop, back was off less than a month ago and it was fine.

It came on quite quickly, been doing lots of motorway these weeks and last week it was fine upto 80mph, then Tuesday morning post the extended duration on an incline and it started playing up 25 mile into my journey.

Was rather late when I got back Tuesday and picked up a spare van From the yard early Wednesday morning so no time to do more than drain the txb and see how little came out!

Will investigate further Saturday Morning, maybe I could swing by the yard tomorrow night an pop the front prop off an go for a run.

Picked up the supposedly good used box tonight, I'm hopeful but not sure why the seller had the front output flange nut undone ?

Further investigation to follow.

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Turns out its the front prop of all things :o

Very surprised as it was off not so long ago and greased both props before we set off for the uk when it was up on the lift.


You can see a chunk missing from the bearing cap here!


At least I have a spare transferbox to rebuild at my leisure now though :)

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ha, just posted a reply on your facebook post, my 110 did the same trick last weekend, so new UJ & had to replace the flange to as the UJ had damaged the needle roller cup hole in the yoke to much for me to be happy with it, I had a spare yoke from a dead prop in my garage. all fixed yesterday after work.

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