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which door strikers are these?

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I have these on my soft top and wanted to replace them with new ones but can't seem to find the right parts.

they are quite ingenious as they don't have the classic "claw" which then tries its best to eat away at the striker post but rather a plate that slides up behind the striker post and so has a larger surface area and doesn't wear away so quickly.

the striker post knocks this little tab back (end of screwdriver)


which then allows this plate to slide up behind the striker post (under the screwdriver)


and finally the striker post is caught behind the plate like the screwdriver


anyone have a part number for me?

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That is the same as on my early 110 with split doors, part number for the strikers are MRC8444 and MRC8445 for left and right hand side respectively. are you replacing the complete handle assembly or just the striker posts?

Hope that helps

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hmm, can't seem to find that MUC1301 online, any tips, have checked padlock and craddock and co

@mat2495 - Jeez those strikers cost more than the latches.....anyone want to make a quick million? lets make a few of the latches and sell them.....

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Tried a similar experiment and had similar results.

Might be worth your while to ring somebody like P.A. Blanchards or Dunsfold Land Rover. They will be able to help you out.

Beware, Blanchards can be a bit grumpy on the phone sometimes

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