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at wits end


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hi all i have a x reg td5 discovery auto which really lacks power until the turbo kicks in at about 2500 rpm ive changed the injector rail  mass air flow sensor the waste gate actuator and removed the egr valve but all to no avail ive also replaced both air and fuel filter truck starts and ticks over fine its just the lack of power when moving off anyone else had this problem if so how did you rectify it i know it aint ever going to be an f1 on take off but its just shocking thanks in advance 

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What Bowie said, get it checked on a diagnostic first - remapping a malfunctioning engine is like fitting a boost pin; pointless

An 'X' reg TD5 is old; it's been owned by a fair few folk, who have progressively spent less and less on maintenance until you bought it. so get it back to spec. Also, it's worth noting that the TD5 auto in standard form is a bit of a slug.

I'd suggest a de cat as well as what you have done. Also check the fuel pump and fuel regulator are functioning properly

Then when it's functioning A Ok, take it to IRB and get it tweaked

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