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  1. I also got some art from my girlfriend at Christmas. It's in the MUD WUN Racing colours too! This will be going up in the house too. Steve
  2. The racer - Fit new shocks (either remote reservoir or coilovers) - Improver wipers - Improve body work - Sort out god awful exhaust rattle!! - (Maybe fit D2 axles) The 90 - Fit heated winscreeen (with associated wiring) - Make it quieter - Sort out gearbox noise! - Sort out bodywork, add paint and re-sticker We'll see how much of this actually gets done this time next year!! (Here's hoping some of it gets done) Steve
  3. I think they are interchangeable, but remember the 110 hi cap only has 2 doors and the 130 hi cap has 4 doors. So the length difference is the second row of seats. Steve Steve
  4. It's interesting you say they get bent as I've heard a few people comment about this. Are they actually weaker? So maybe worth adding some bracing to them if I decided to use them for comp safari!
  5. Yes I was going to mention D2 axles, but I too don't know much about them and haven't really found any info on the net which sways me towards them. I was thinking of fitting them to my Racer as the track is wider, but I'll have to change my wheels. Also I would modify the chassis too, so if anything hapens to the axle casing I can just swap one out! As at the moment I have a custom rear axle casing as I have front hockey sticks on the rear with a panhard rod. Steve
  6. Yes it is, but unfortunately I don't know any history of the engine. Steve
  7. So yes, it was good: I cleaned up the rocker covers so at least they were a dull silvery colour instead of a dirty brown colour! I've renewed all the injector plugs where needed, so tomorrow I can get it all back together with two good second hand injectors and hopefully it'll be back to normal! Steve
  8. Had a check over the engine last week to see if I can determine my running issue. I had just sorted out the running issue on my Dad's pick up, so before I pulled all the spark plugs out I thought I'd check all the injector plugs........ Guess what I found: So that would explain it, the terminal had rusted through and finally given up. This was one of the rear injectors and so gets all the water running off the windcscreen. The one on the other side was starting to show signs of rusting away too. I have now replaced most of the boots and some of the terminals and will add electrical grease on reassembly. I had removed the plenum to get to the injectors and while I'm at it I replaced the rocker cover gaskets I had already purchased as one was leaking a bit causing a bit of smoke from oil dripping on the exhaust. When I removed the rockers I was pleasantly surprised with how good it looked inside! You'll have to wait for the picture in my next post!
  9. Thanks Dave, thought that might be the case! Need to sort another tube out from yesterdays round! Round 7 from Tilmanstone in Dover held by the Southern Counties Off Road Club was one not to be missed! It was a good round, we stayed running all day and got in the points again by completing 12 out of the 14 laps. We suffered a slow puncture, so that got swapped out and the replacement shock I fitted came detached from the lower mounting but didn't take the spring with it as I fitted a spring retainer. Lap 9 was my fastest, here's a video of it! Now I'm starting a list of improvements for next year! The engine was a little unhappy, but not sure why. I might upgrade the shocks as they were definitely getting hot! And it will made the ride smoother and more comfortable! More cooling for the fuel tank as although it runs fine it is still getting very hot. Maintenance wise: a wheel bearing, new kick down cable, new engine and gearbox oil. I'm sure it will expand! Steve
  10. Repairs are completed! I had a spare shock that I fitted and I welded up the lower spring seat and also added a spring retainer too! The steering box has been tightened up as it had a lot of play in it. I've also been round and made sure every nut and bot is tight and checked for rattles. The rear radiator was rattling as the top rubber mounts had split, so have replaced those and is nice and rattle free! I noticed the kick down cable sticking out a bit further than usual at the throttle end, so I may have adjusted it a bit too much and have pulled it out too far?! I have ordered a new cable and will fit this after the last round and adjust it over the winter. Also need to swap out the flat tyre as unfortunately it did suffer a small pin hole puncture to the side wall and an struggling to get it repaired. What are peoples thoughts on this, is safe to repair it or am I just better using one of my spares or a new tyre. Steve
  11. So I took the injectors to work to flow test them and here's what I found! Yes, one of them wasn't going to do any squirting because of this! Yes, one of the terminals had completely rusted away or at least rusted through. The other bit was still in the connector! Injector swapped out for another one I flowed and with a little bit of vasoline in the plugs, it's back to how it is! My Dad's well happy and we'll be at an off road site somewhere soon! Steve
  12. We've done compressions and we have 125psi across the board, so we can rule out valves not seating and piston rings etc. I'm going to look at the injectors next. We think one may have failed or is leaking, so I'm going to try and test all 8 at work beings you can get to all 8 once you remove the fuel rail! Hopefully we'll find something here as it's becoming a little frustrating as we want to use the pick up! Steve
  13. On lap 10 I felt the steering get a little heavy. This hadn't happened on the last outing, so I was surprised that the fluid was getting hot! So I said we would stop after this lap and check the vehicle over! That'll be a pucture or more precisely the valve was pulled out as it was no where to be seen! A quick tyre change saw us continue, we just had two more laps to do, it was achievable! I thought there was a lot of clanging and banging coming from the rear. I stopped mid lap and we limped home for the rest. Looks like it could have been loose for a while as the two washers and bush underneath the spring seating holding the shock in where no where to be seen! Anyway, we managed to complete 10 out of the 12 laps which was enough to qualify for points so we came 7th in class collecting 180 points! I'll be assessing what needs to be done this week so we can hopefully enter the last round in Dover at the end of October! Steve
  14. Round 6 happened at the weekend over Ashford way again at Plurenden Farm with the Southern Counties Off Road club. The weather was dry and the orange G4 Range Rover Sport was to hand as the tow vehicle and what a fine job it does too! The start line was in very bumpy ploughed field and they had even added some horse manure for full effect! The course was good with lots of open sections and the wooded sections weren't too tight either!
  15. Ok, we'll try a known FPR. Also my Dad had the plugs out today and all bar one are sooty, the 8th being wet, but not black. Not sure if this is significant or not?! Steve