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  1. Update time! Shiny parts have arrived: 2.5 Fox remote reservoirs, 12 inch travel Tomcat front springs all round inline with Tomcat guidelines Paul from Tomcat was very helpful with recommending and advice for everything! I borrowed a plasma cutter and my god it's so easy and useful, it's definitely going on the Christmas list! As the lower shock mounts are welded to the axle the spring seats and spring seat mounts need to be trimmed. In future I will invest in a pair of lighter shade goggles, as I was using my welding helmet on its lightest setting, hence the slightly jagged edges! Spring seat cut: Spring seat mounts cleaned up and cut: With the chassis cleaned up I was ready to offer up the upper shock mounts, do loads of measuring and weld them on. With a couple of pieces of angle clamped to the chassis I could rest the shock hoops on the chassis while I cycled the suspension and adjusted the hoops to suit. I also shaped the lower mounts and offered those in position too. Once I was happy I tacked them, checked again and then fully welded them in position. Also welded in the lower spring seats. And then obviously had to fit the shock So the front suspension is done! I will be making a strut brace between the hoops, but I'm unsure of what to do until I get the bonnet to fit again! I have a few ideas in mind. So it's onto the rear shock mounts! I had bought the tube, so I chopped a bit off and started shaping! The Air die grinder with a burr worked quite effectively after hack sawing and filing the rough shape. One down, three to go. The positioning is going to be interesting as I need to make a jig to find the bolt position as it's in mid air! Steve
  2. Well Done Dave!! I look forward to the build thread! Steve
  3. So.....was it good?! What did people buy?..... Steve
  4. Well worth fitting! Use cable ties like I did!
  5. It's working fine at the moment! If the forum wants to sponsor a Megasquirt install then I'm not stopping you! I've spent all my money on shocks! More progress with those this week hopefully. Steve
  6. Whoop! Let the progress continue! Nice hat Dave! Steve
  7. The silicone hoses turned up last week and so with a bit of pondering I came up with a plan and set too with the stanley knife and I came up with this: Just need to make some brackets for the snorkel and finish the end off as it will go across the roof, but apart from a bit of paint and jubilee clips that job is DONE! Now I can sort out the front shock hoops and get them welded into position. I've also been playing with a plasma cutter I borrowed as that's for the lower shock mounts. The tube for the rear shock mounts has arrived and I've also received another parcel's got FOX on the box Steve
  8. I'm about to update my Racer build thread with my intake progression. I found a 70mm hose fitted the intake, but your quite right, you can't get 135 degree reducers and there's limited 90 reducers as I found out! It a bit of trial and error and find the best combinations of reducing bends and straights! Steve
  9. Thanks! It's tidier than expected, just got a few silicone hoses on order and I will be able to compete the installation! Yes, 2.8TD, so being off a boost engine I thought the air flow requirements would be about right! Time will tell I guess! Steve
  10. Right, more progress made, but I'm still chopping bits off and dismantling! After a lengthy chat with Paul from Tomcat Motorsport, who was very helpful and knowledgeable, two tubular shock hoops arrived! After a little bit more grinding they fitted perfectly on the front. However this wasn't going to be the case for the rear as the rear roll cage stays were in the way. I've come up with a plane for this and some 38.1mm tube arrived today....... With the shocks ordered I decided to concentrate on the new air intake system. The previous system was very long, very long! So I removed the 4m of ali pipe and thought about what I wanted to do. There was a convenient space in front of the passenger foot well for an air box. My plan was (in reverse) to have it come out of the engine through the MAF sensor into an air box and up the windscreen and across the roof. I thought about making an air box, but it's very time consuming, the likes of Ali sport could probably make something, but I haven't got the money for that! So I thought about finding an existing air box that I could modify. I would have to be the right size and I could get by with changing the in and out's with welding or fiberglass. So looking on ebay for a while I came up with an air box from a Mitsubishi Pajero, I inquired about size and it seemed to be about right! So this turned up! So I trimmed the brackets off and removed the rubber hose (which later would come in handy!) and offered it up. I had a position in mind, but rotating it round I managed to find a position where I wouldn't need to modify the air box at all. The only modification I needed to do was to rotate the outlet pipe 180 degrees which just involved drilling the spot welds out. It's an all metal construction air box which takes a flat oval air filter costing around £10. And trimmed the rubber hose to utilise for the snorkel. As you can see, yet more bonnet modification will be needed for the air box as well as the shock turrets. I'm going to stick with it and look into making a new bonnet at the end of the season. Am I still on schedule for the first SCOR race on the 12 March.......Hmmmm I don't think so , but it'll be done when it's done. Next target is race in April! Steve
  11. Whoop it's going to be fun! It's tomorrow! And it may snow!! Steve
  12. Just to clear up the weight issue! The 1770kg did include two people at 140kg combined and one battery! So vehicle weight is 1530kg. Yes the underbody skid plates at relatively easy to remove so I might run the first couple of events with them off to see what cooling is like around the fuel tank. Regarding all the other bits and pieces, I'm grateful for all your suggestions, but it seems a lot of effort for little gain. So I will do the easy fixes and go racing! This is not going to be in the garage all year! On another note I have some shiney shock hoops arriving on Monday Steve
  13. Very true - I probably don't need two batteries! And yes the silencer is a little bigger than I wanted, but it was cheap! And running a straight pipe is a little loud for my ears! I may end up looking into a different box. I was thinking of relocating the box to the back and using a rear box off a 200tdi 90 as the in and out are on the same side. Yes, front recovery points may not be needed, but I still would like to pop to slindon on the odd occasion and so still being able to fit a winch and be able to use it is still on my list of requirements. Regarding the snorkel, it was more the worry about water splashing in if I go through a puddle at speed. If I had the air intake at the front, where there's loads of space, it could be vulnerable. So I thought an air box in the nearside area with a pipe going up and over the windscreen would suit. So I've been thinking about the weight problem and here's a few thoughts: - The weight doesn't include all the central skid plates! - The fuel tank is made of rather thick material! - Standard 4.2 rover V8 with tubular exhaust manifolds onto a 4 speed auto and borg warner transfer box. - Standard internal rover axles. - Radius arms, standard wide on front, thin on rear with speed holes. - Range rover chassis with steel rollcage of unknown thickness. - Aluminium body panels. - Discovery steel wheels which are heavy yet robust. Apart from that its just seats, wiring, radiators and dash! Steve
  14. Thank you for all your comments so far. So I'm sensing that it could be a bit on the heavy side! It is true that for comp safari racing you don't need all this underbody protection, so I could remove all the central stuff and replace with just a small bar that runs down the middle over the gearbox and transfer box. Regarding the fuel tank, yes I can move it, but I don't have the facilities to modify it and at this early stage it's quite a work up. As it did a few winch challenges in the past it has grown slightly, so yes i could remove the wheel spacers, but I still like the tree sliders! I could change the panhard rod castings for something more racy, but that is probably a job for once everything else is done! Regarding ride height I could lower it a bit as it does appear to sit quite high (gap between bump stop and axle) compared to my 90. I did also work out that the boot and bonnet weight roughly 30kg and 25kg respectively. Right, any thoughts about air intake! Steve