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  1. 35's will be fine from a normal driving point of view. I found the gearing to tall, but I tow a fair bit so needed either a diff ratio swap or a tyre swap. Mine caught the front valance on full lock with a reasonable bit of articulation at the same time (narrower tyres/less offset may of cleared). I'm also running standard 110 pick up height springs so again with a small lift it would probably clear. I don't recall any rubbing at the rear but I did trim the return inwards part of the arch both front and back at the lower edges because it was close. I not sure what offset my rims are or even wh
  2. On a side note ibex were designed with 33" tyres in mind as a standard fit. Mine is also a 200tdi and tsd is tgv 2.8. My build thread is here Mike
  3. Hi yes I'm here . Mine on 35/12.50x15 (grey one), @TSD on 285/75x16 (33") (yellow one). The 35's rub a little on full articulation but only occasionally. Mine now on 33/12.50x15. the main reason for the drop was gearing and they don't rub at all now. Mike
  4. I have a patriot on our 110 lovely rack lower profile than the brownchurch. I've had both, given the choice it would be patriot because it's way more useful being semi decked and no external rail. However I got our patriot cheap second hand and even then it was double the price of a second hand brownchurch. I'm not even entertaining new prices for the brownchurch let alone the mortgage required for a patriot. Mike
  5. Every boat yard I've ever worked in uses Henry's they are virtually indestructible but only use the paper bags the microfiber ones are rubbish. Mike
  6. I've always switched the live. I was quite surprised when project Binky put there battery cut off on the neg side, don't get me wrong it works but I would of switched the live. Mike
  7. My brother's race car was a pig to start and required a lot of effort. BUT it was an A series on a Weber carb with a very lumpy cam. Thus we had to warm the plugs before starting or they would foul instantly. So I suspect nige has issues with his starter/wiring or timing/fueling for start up. Oar at the ready given nige has something to do with mega squirt I would think there would be something that could be done with the latter. The former could probably be improved by an adult looking at it. so whilst he probably does need a new battery I'm pretty sure any battery that can crank a die
  8. You have to crane the battery's into most boats over 60 foot. Mike
  9. Yes external diameter of the thread (male part) and the distance between tips of the tread (sometimes easier to measure across several threads then divide be number of threads) to give you the pitch. Mike
  10. Measure them and look it up in a Zeus book or similar (some available online). Diameter and thread pitch is normally enough to work it out but double check because there are several threads that are very similar. Mike
  11. @deep unfortunately the problem is only going to get worse. I'm going to say this but I know it will upset some, the single biggest problem with with all technology including cars in general is demand. There are simply to many humans on this planet now, we are screaming towards self destruct. If we reduce to the population level of 1900 half of the supply issues go away (granted they don't disappear completely but we add time). With the best will in the world until we can see the problem is our population numbers nothing is going to change and we'll continue to head towards extinction. I pitty
  12. @Escape If it makes you feel better I restore classic wooden power boats and love my job but the pay is rubbish and couldn't run a 4.6 even if I wanted to. Back vaguely on topics if you think electric cars are bad have a little look at electric boats....now what could possibly go wrong there.
  13. Not that it really adds anything here but our 110 has the shocks arranged one front and one back on the rear (ala early rangie). As far as I can tell this was only done on very early 110's and rangie's. I'm guessing the factory had issues with the rear mounted shock and fitted them both front on later vehicles. Mike
  14. If you make it across the water to the Hebrides then my mother-in-law will happily sort you a spot in there bottom field. Mike
  15. At work we have two truck towing/recovery rings bolted to the floor. We use them for winching boat cradles in and around the workshop. https://images.app.goo.gl/A5Lp91UQMh1dbavu9 Mike
  16. I also have a Freelander rear seat however mine is not a defender it's an ibex. I fabbed up a seat box for the second row for the Freelander seat to sit on. In your case you might be able to fit the rear seat box from a double cab or 130. This would give a flat base to mount Freelander, discovery or defender fronts on. You may then need some sort of bracket to take the seat back. Mike
  17. @Nonimouse is your man when it comes to winches. Mike
  18. I know I'm biased but the only brand new vehicle I would take around the world is a foers ibex f8. You can buy one factory built to any spec you want. If your cunning you pick a reconditioned engine, which means you can have a clockwork diesel be it Merc/200tdi or whatever else you fancy. You want 6x6 and a camper body no problem, personally I'd probably go somewhere around 130 wheel base because the body would only be a foot longer than a 110. Mike
  19. There used to be a disco 1 in the club that had a 90 rear tub. It made it into an interesting pick up, it was nicely done but did look a little odd (certainly wasn't ugly though). I assume they chopped the chassis and fitted a 90 rear crossmember. I don't recall how it transitioned between disco front and 90 rear. Mike
  20. Why not use a defender bulkhead, door frames, floor seat box and tub. This will all bolt to your chassis (may require some brackets but off the shelf). You should be able to use windscreen, roof, doors and upper rear panels from the 109. As for the front I would use defender wings modified to take the series front panel and bonnet. It still won't be easy but the drive train and lower body will fit together. The upper body will give your desired look and it's just the front panel that will cause a headache with the radiator. Mike
  21. I'll just leave this here....... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154039830101 Oh dear god....... Mike
  22. I'd say definitely do-able but a lot of work. But if it's what you've got then it's what you've got. I know (myself included) plenty of people that "because I can" is a perfectly good reason. Mike
  23. Now I'm really jealous. Well more than before. Mike
  24. I've used Jotun jotumastic 90 epoxy mastic primer, then protega chassis paint.Whether it will be any good or not remains to be seen. Por15 is only any good on metal with surface rust in my experience but it does stick to rust like the proverbial, not so well on smooth surfaces. Mike
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