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  1. The payment will hopefully be on its way tomorow morning. I do have one more question regarding the regs: Does this mean a standard land rover centre bulkhead or something the full height of the cabin such as a dog guard? I am pretty much up to spec or buying anything I'm not missing so should be able to comply on the day.
  2. Thanks! Any idea how much they cost? I am hoping they'll be the best quality I can get within reason.
  3. I went to Land Rover today and asked them about Jate rings, the parts bloke couldn't find anything. Is that number for LR genuine ones? Maybe with a part number we will have more luck.
  4. I am looking for some rear recovery points, which jate rings are the one to go for? The paddocks ones are £17 but cheapest isn't usually best, so is the extra £15 for the first four offroad ones worth it? Also, if a rope has to bend around a steering guard to get to a jate ring on the front, that would be dangerous, wouldn't it? I assume the only safe thing is an uninterupted path from the recovery point to the other vehicle.
  5. There is talk of the 110 V8s being rare, but is a 1988 V8 90 also worth keeping original? Not to stray (or hijack) the topic too much, but my own 90 is at the point where it could be tidied up nicely into an original spec vehicle, or made into a toy. I don't want to do anything too stupid with something potentially rare, and as anyone who has been on forums I post on may know, this issue has made me take a step back with the direction I want to take the vehicle on numerous occasions. I'm not worried about getting more money, but am worried about cutting up something of a rarity. and have neve
  6. What are considered appropriate gloves? I am guessing they're for winching purposes but I've never had any experience of that so don't know what I should be looking for. Also what fire extinguisher type would be appropriate? The Powder type? Sorry for all the questions. I was having some difficulty in seeing how the vehicle would meet the requirements for the event but I am now pretty sure I am a certainty now. I just need to get the application form sent now.
  7. I am very much interested in this, I will have to get some rear JATE rings but otherwise I'm set. I don't see any mention of mandatory MTs? I bought a set of MTs today just so I could start doing exactly this... but guess what, they're Insa Turbo Special Tracks. If you accept the ATs I'll be on the Lassas, which may be pants if it gets too tricky.
  8. I removed the covers to the wiring over the rear lights and set some speakers into wooden panels either side of the door. This way they're not pointing at the head of the two passengers in the rear next to the door while the two next to them can't hear it as their heads are in the way, and they are perfectly audible in the front seats too. They are no more vulnerable to water than the rest of the lights in that position. It's where the latest CSWs have them.
  9. I too am having some welding done on a very small patch just next to the rear cross member on the bottom face of the chassis rail. Is there any way of avoiding taking the wiring out? I am having to drive the vehicle to and from the place it's getting welded at and I don't think they'll appreciate me spending hours before and after disconnecting and reconnecting everything up before I can drive it away.
  10. I'm a member of the East Devon Off Road Club, you won't get to use your road legal land rover much there, the only things we use are trialers. Went to visit the Devon and Cornwall Land Rover club on their last (or 2nd from last) meeting, looked great and I would have loved to have joined but my Landy stays in Somerset now I've bought an every day car, so it's too far to go down to cornwall to use it.
  11. I would be willing to help if I can, I have some limited experience marshalling two or three trials for East Devon ORC but I would rather be considered a complete novice so you don't waste a slot which could be taken by someone more experienced should they be available.
  12. I meant on a vehicle with axle lockers on both, but you answered that question anyway. Cheers
  13. I could be completely misunderstanding this but curiosity has got the better of me as I have no experience with either TC or locking diffs off road. Would TC ever try to act on an axle with a locked diff? If both wheels are turning the same speed (as they would if I understand how a locking diff works) then surely it can't detect either wheel loosing traction as they're both spinning the same speed whether they have traction or not?
  14. I had a look in an autofactors for spreader plates and what they had were steel plates about 10cm wide and 1cm thick, these will only just be wider than my existing plates, would this be a reasonable option or should I be looking for a plate that goes the length of the distance between the chassis legs? I've now fitted the recovery points and it doesn't look too bad. Does anyone know if Devon4x4 has a showroom at their site or if the business is purely internet orders? I could do with some of their shackles and want to save time and postage so could just pop over there. Also they don't se
  15. Unfortunately you're right, the site is too boggy for ATs. Damn, and I was really looking forward to getting offroad while back from Uni, that's out the window now.
  16. That looks like a very neat solution, but I am unable to fabricate anything myself. I am going to try to get some jate rings like those on the first four website which say they're wide enough to go around most steering guards. I can't modify the edges of the guard as the mounts are directly over the bit I would be cutting, and it'd have no strength left. I am also going to fit the recovery points inbetween the chassis rails on the bumper, with their backing plates until I can find a spreader plate to go across them. I think they should be ok, I'll just make sure no one snatch recovers me (I m
  17. As you can see the guard sits right in front of where the jate rings would attach. Would they still be useable like this? I thought about bolting the eyes through the guard just under the jacking points, but I think it's too low and would stick out too far to the front, as well as meaning I would have to get a grinder to get rid of the chequer before bolting it on, and find longer bolts as the guard is about 4mm thick I think.
  18. Not to go too far off the topic, they look better with lights on, otherwise they can look a bit like a gaping mouth or something, the other picture was taken before I fitted them: I have decided the best way for me to proceed with the recovery points I have is to locate them inside the nudge bar legs with a spreader plate inside the bumper and the additional plates the recovery points used behind the bumper originally. This should have the strength needed. In the future and when funds allow I will probably look for a steering guard with towing eyes. Further pictures of my steering guard wi
  19. I did install it myself, but after a few snapped bumper bolts which took a fair time to get replacements of, (and a fiasco with the courier). If you are going to do it, either WD40 the bolts up everyday for two years in advance or have at least two spare bolts! I bought it from Duckworth parts via ebay, you should hurry as they may not have many more due to the new regulations on selling them. The brackets for fitting lights are basically suited to the Safari 5000s, which I don't have but definitely would like and I had to secure my lights with bolts attached to the grille to stop them from
  20. From that picture I have a suspicion that they would be obstructed completely by the bottom of my guard. I'll take a photo tomorrow and if you could take a look I'd be grateful. It would be good if I can go down the JATE route as they seem to be a good option. Ted, it is for cooling the V8 which tends to get hot when off roading. It, like most of the stuff on my car, was added by a previous owner.
  21. I definitely won't be going back to the old A bar as I don't like massive amounts of stainless steel or chrome on Land Rovers, just looks a bit wrong in my opinion, and while not to everyone's' taste, I think the new one looks much, much better. I can get pics of the guard, but I will add that I didn't make it and the design is far from ideal as it bolts up through the jacking points so I need to spanner them out before I can jack the vehicle. Western, forgive me but I only just learned what and where a jate ring is and goes. Surely with a steering guard in place, the rope has to go around t
  22. Is the site still ok for ATs? If so, I may just be able to make it down there. I would love to get some off roading in this holiday.
  23. The recovery eyes have plates for the other side of the bumper already, but I think the spreader plate between both chassis is a good idea as well. I've looked at Jate rings but due to the home-made steering guard, I don't think it will be possible to use them as it is right in the way. I could look at steering guards with recovery eyes in them but this is added money I don't have.
  24. I am trying to find a good place to fit my recovery points as they had to be moved from their position in front of the chassis rails on the bumper when I fitted the nudge bar. I now need to get them mounted somewhere, so is there any other place on the bumper that they can safely go? I understand that the strongest place would be in line with the chassis rails, so would putting them either side of the outside edge of the bull bar mounts be too flimsy and bend the bumper forwards if it was under load? I also thought about putting them inside the bull bar mounts where the number plate currently
  25. I think main dealerships are doing free vehicle health checks on all vehicles, you should ask at your local one and see if they do it, they will be very thorough (as I found out last week and now need to spend a little bit of money). If an independant is your prefered choice, they should really check out any problems for free if you've only bought it from them 6 days ago. I'm from somerset but probably know less than you on the mechanical side, but if you know of any good off roading sites around...
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