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Custom defender center console


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I have the mud dash and very nice it is too but I find the screen is too upright and a bit low. I have a new stereo to go in the top slot.  Pioneer MVH-X560BT looks very nice and no CD so it is really short with rear USB so wires go round the back. Really I'd prefer it if the screen was on the angled part and the stereo was below and the whole thing was up a bit higher like the newer defender dashes. How hard would it be to fabricate something like that?  That went up over the dash top, I could pick up on the existing mud dash mounts. I also have space in front of the fuse panel as it's an auto.  Anyone done anything like that?



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Alternatively chop a bit of the dash top rail out and fit one of these (flipped upside down of course). Clicky

You could probably blend it into the mud dash and remaining top rail with a bit of body filler or fibreglass. Just depends on the depth of your screen.

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Tried where the stereo could go and I don't like it



Tried where I would roughly like the screen to go but I think I would be glare issues. Even with just the plastic it's picking up a lot of light




So with a bit of CAD




The right sort of thing but bit chunky at the top so looking to blend it in a bit



and that's as far as I am at the moment

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Know the feeling..

We have tried several locations for the various sources of noise and these days we like them up high.


Everything out of the way and dry.

Waiting for the extension cable for the CB so the mike goes below the windscreen.

I have fitted client's vehicles with a double DIN unit there. Possible - need some trimming to the sunvisors though..

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What about cutting out the space for the radio at the top plus the top half of where the screen is then fabricate two triangular bits to cut the screen in to this hole at the angle you want.  Then mount the radio below.  I think that might look more deliberate and give you a glare free screen.

The other option is to make a wooden blank of the shape you want and vacuum form a bit of plastic over it.  I've seen this done with little more than an IR heat lamp and a vacuum cleaner.  I've even done it by placing the plastic on top of the form and cooking it in a fan oven at about 200C just letting the plastic drape over the form.  I used it to make some compound curved polycarbonate windows.  It worked surprisingly well.  I made the former out of Fimo (plastic modelling stuff you bake in the oven to set solid).

Yet another option is to make a form and cover it with black felt.  Then paint the felt with fibreglass resin (you need to coat the form with wax) When It's set, it's rigid like plastic.  This is really good for flowing curves - a sort of organic look.  Often used for making new dashboards.  A few coats of High Build primer, a bit of sanding then polyester paint and it looks like an injection molded part.


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