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Northern Paul

Planning to fit intermittent windscreen wash wipe & I have a few (easy) questions

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Planning to fit the variable speed intermittent wash wipe upgrade / modification to my 90, following the useful information in these threads:



At the  moment the wash / wipe stalk on my ex-military 90 appears to have:

push the button on the end: washers spray & give 4  wipes of the screen

up 1: slow

up 2: fast

If I press it down it does nothing at all, except returns to  the off position  - what is it supposed to do? 

Will I need to replace the stalk as part of the intermittent wash wipe upgrade? (I  know I need  the Autosparks loom & the relay)

When the intermittent system is installed what position on the wash wipe stalk is intermittent supposed to be at?

Is there a facility to just do a single 'one  off' wipe? - this is what I thought pushing my stalk should be doing

Ta, Paul


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Yes Paul, you'll need the later switch. The intermittent position is one click down.

In my experience not all variable intermittent relays give the flick wipe on a quick press of the switch end but certainly the vw 99 ones do. It's not standard on the LR relays.



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Hi Paul , I have an Autosparks loom brand new brought it by mistake when I rebuilt the 110 , if your interested pm me and I’ll send you some pics .

cheers Ian 

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The standard Land Rover intermittent setup has a 'flick wipe' functionality, but it's not as simple as more modern setups.

Pushing the stalk up slight towards the 'normal' running setting it will trigger the wipe before it reaches the point where it latches, this gives a single wipe. It sounds fiddly but once you get the knack it's quite easy.

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