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Is This Genuine? 300tdi oil filter housing

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Hi guys Ive bought a 'genuine' oil filter housing complete with waxtat control and pressure switch, however on closer inspection of the pics it looks like a blue box item.

As I once ….. (yes stupid I know)....fitted a britpart oil pressure switch to a vehicle only to find 5 mile up the road my oil light flickering due to oil spewing out down the side of the spade terminal.....I vowed never ever to use any blue box item, so what is your opinion on the pics of the said item?

he claims its genuine and was for his landy but hes now got another 2 listed so im a bit suspicious.








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Hard to say. If it was made 2015 as it says, then thats a good 10-11 years since the original items so it could well be a different manufacturer with subtle differences. It's not the sort of item that needs replacing often.

Those pics are from the ebay ad, so are you saying what arrived is different than in the pictures?

This place is selling one that looks identical to the pics above so you could contact them and ask the brand?

In any case, it looks decent enough and well made, so if you're worried you could swap out the pressure sender for a known quality one.

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If in the description it was shown in or with the LR box but arrived with you in a blue box then apart from being of suspicious origin/manufacture  it's not as described and as said falls foul of Trade Description Act, return it if you have any doubts and buy one from your local LR parts shop, that way you have more control on what you're buying and can return/replace it if it's not correct.

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hi and thanks for the advice, I only have the ebay pics to go off so far, im led to believe it will arrive in the brown box but it looks like the same item britpart sell. 

hey chadler do you think some parts were supplied to land rover and made by britpart?

ive heard sometimes britpart items end up being oem or genuine but not the other way around.

At £35 it was a steel, he said it was for his army landrover so I assumed it was a part he had bought in the past but now hes got 2 more listed im curious as to whether its genuine or a reproduction? 

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As the above post , they are a parts wholesaler, if you look at their site they will supply you with what u want as long as it’s made that is... so Genuine LR, OEM or pattern/aftermarket, take your pick... if u didn’t get what I asked for then tell them and send it back. Simples.




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Doing a Google search it seems to indicate that the seller has found a few of these from ex military stock, there are 3 brands, Replacement, Britpart and Land Rover with the price tag of £173.83. £186. 40. and £288.18 all inc VAT respectively. It's description is 'oil filter adaptor 300TDi 1983-2006.

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here are some pics of it side by side with my original it did turn up in the brown box with the landrover sticker on it...

…. ive also added a pic of the britpart one that's currently available....

is this military genuine landrover item therefore a britpart item supplied to the military?







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