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Home made reciprocating file

Troll Hunter

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I have recently had to drill out a seized bolt in my bulkhead.  Not the easiest to get aligned, and, of course, I failed.  Consequently I ended up with a slightly off-centre hole that was not aligned with the axis of the bolt.  So, I was faced with a significant amount of filing with a rat-tail file to recover the original hole dimensions.  I decided that a power file would be a great help.  I believe that these are available in UK, but I've been unable to find one over here, so I decided to make my own.

I already have a reciprocating saw, so I took an old saw blade and a rat tail file and started from there.


After trimming both and slotting the file I had this,


and after welding, and tidying the weld, it was far too crappy to show, my new tool was ready for use.


And it works a treat.  A very good time and effort saver at virtually zero cost.




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No way, I was thinking about this the other day while I was filing a partiularly bad stone nick out of a pretty new chainsaw chain while the reciprocating air saw sat on the bench. Looks like it worked a treat.

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