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Weight problem...


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I am planning to have a 300 tdi with an 'R' gearbox and LT230 T-box shipped over. As the combo is still in the vehicle, the owner asked how I wanted it shipped.

I can choose between all in one, split, or very split, depending on weight. (kilogramms please...)

So, what does it weigh?

- A full combo as described above?

- The engine, the gearbox and the transferbox all separate

- The gearbox and the transferbox apart, and the engine in parts as well (Head off, short engine, ancilliaries...)

I'd prefer no split at all, but I will have weight and space restrictions.

And while I am at it, which other parts should I ask for once the owner is gutting the engine bay?


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And while I am at it, which other parts should I ask for once the owner is gutting the engine bay?

Radiator/intercooler assembly complete with all hoses/pipes, header tank, glowplug relay & associated wiring, engine wiring loom [can be left on the engine --- just disconnect @ multiplugs] air cleaner assembly & all it's associated hoses, fuel filter assembly, exhaust downpipe, power steering reservior & all hoses.

that lot should get you a full 300Tdi correctly installed in to your truck.

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Ahhh, thanks for the replies, but the only question, basically the main question, has not been answered, and I am still looking for that piece of info...

What do the parts weigh :huh: ?

300TDi engine

R380 Gearbox

LT230 TBox

Plus some other parts... (Handbrake will probably not make it as this will become an X-eng item anyway)

The van transporting the engine has its limitations, and based on the weight, the assembly will need to be 'broken'...

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From a quick yahoo search on engine weights, the only figure i have found stated for a 200/300 tdi was 204kg. I would assume this is without any bits attached, ie starter, alternator, manifolds etc.

From a shipping point of view, you would probably prefer to allow for ancillaries on top of this, so that you are covered on costs/ carrying capacity etc.

I hope this is ok and await to be corrected!!

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Maybe a twitch more, perhaps 60kg for the LT230 and similar or 50kg ish for the R380 + bellhousing.

300TDi weighs about as much as the moon.

yeah i reckon 50kg is about right- i pick one up using arm power alone which equates to about 60kg for me, however the shape of the transfer box would knock some of this lifting capacity off. It also feels like 2 bags of spuds- and i carry about 200 bags ever week so i konw what 2 bags feels like!

p.s. yes my friends do call me wurzel

p.p.s or would i had any

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