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D90 truck cab mods....

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Ok i've just bought a great little truck cab td that we took to the plain on sunday with a few others from our AWDC

(pics are coming).

Had a great time and for the first time managed to get wet due to the derv and not my normal v8 splutter!

The engines in great nick and so i'd like to do a few sensible mods.

What would be your mod list on a blank canvas like this?

200tdi ringing in my ears cause my engines worth abit and so this makes the swap viable.

suspension, but what?

protection, from whom?

Let me share in your experiences

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Here's mine:

post-114-1167953957_thumb.jpgpost-114-1167953985_thumb.jpgpost-114-1167953972_thumb.jpgpost-114-1167954099_thumb.jpg post-114-1167953993_thumb.jpg


QT Weekender Front and Rear Suspension Kit

QT Front Castor Corrected Radius Arms

QT Rear Cranked Trailing Arms

QT Front and Rear Diff Guards

QT Heavy Duty Steering Bars


Southdown Steering Guard (http://www.southdown4x4.co.uk)

Proper X-Eng Disc Handbrake (www.x-eng.co.uk)

Excellent Exact Fabrications Stainless Comp. Exhaust (side entry) www.exactfabrication.co.uk - see below:


Now with my own exhaust finisher:


And that's about it at the moment.... bar an Allisport Intercooler, a custom made snorkel and a few other bits in the near future.


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Okay mine's not truck cab but the following applies to any Defender

Suspension - Gwyn Lewis complete Challenge kit bought in pieces from Llama 4x4 - very impressive bit of kit - not so bling but built for abuse, good travel and well designed. Choose your springs and dampers and you're away, I had Genuine parts Red/Whites all round (cheap and long, give around 1.5 - 2 inch lift) and Pro-comps (cheap and long) but will probably go for weighted springs when i weigh the car and Old Man Emu dampers when the pro-comps fail (soon probably). I choose this over others on the market at the time as this setup is the only one that seems to have considered bump travel rather than just moving the damper mounts and bump-stops down (not good). If buying again then I would go for the X-Eng arms and Internal springs rather than the Gwyn Lewis Arms and Relocation hooks for that extra bit of travel.

Paul Humphreys and RobHybrid on here use the Gwyn Lewis Kit (Rob uses it competitively) so can give further veiws.

Protection - QT or similar diff-guards - although they still bend they are better than others. If you have fabrication skills and equipment than just weld on your own thick plate. Ask Nige (HybridFromHell on here) and other for photos. Incidentally the diff-guards are about the only QT product i would trust as it hasnt got thier signature poor welding

Steering Guard - The best i have ever seen/used was a Land Rover Genuine parts steering guard lifted from a Defender XD Wolf military model, not all wolfs have them tho. Insanely strong without being too heavy, good design rather than massive plate thickness, powder coated over galvaising. Lasted a year on my old 90, and is into its third year on my mates RRC, this guard was used to "gently push" a boulder out of the way at my local pay and play site - boulder was hit at 25-30mph, steering guard had minor dent in surface (RRC didnt survive too well - engine and box jumped, tore the mount rubbers and the viscous fan proceeded to carve through the rad). Click for poor quality phone camera picture where you can hardly see the steering guard. Ask Ralph (Western on here) for the Part Number, its probably hideously expensive though.

Sillbars - Whichever you choose they are all much of a muchness but ones with treeslider bars are a great advantage. Discoparts currently have them on offer, I have bought these so will soon comment on thier effectiveness

Recovery - Genuine parts Jate Rings and a Nato Hitch are my personal favourites, nice and strong, and fairly cheep. Fit and foget. Pain if you have to tow anything

I hope some of the above helps

Lewis :)

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Lewis,what are red and whites off?

you say there standard. Ilike the X eng springy things aswell and there rear radius jobs,when's the fronts available then?

Gonna change the rear axle for a disk one out of my RRC rolling chassis,

fancy that big diesel mazda on an auto,will that affect the spring rates on the front?

Porny,nice truck,very bendy and all mines nots as shiny though.

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Red and Whites are Range Rover Heavy Duty Rear Springs. Sometimes referred to as police spec. They come in at around the 170lb mark, so are pretty soft, but as has been said they are cheap and long.


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Are those discoparts sliders anygood? Who's using them? Was going to make some myself but at that price I'm not sure it is worth it!?!



I cannot comment on them yet as i have yet to collect them, I purchased on the strength of the price and having seen their discovery rocksliders at Malvern LRO show last year - the welding looked good and clean, the powder coating seemed to be of a high quality etc. However i can recommend the company based on my experience so far - having placed the order online midday on thursday i was immediately phoned back by the guy to confirm my order and discuss it, we ended up having a rather geeky conversation for about 40mins :lol:

Lewis,what are red and whites off?

you say there standard. Ilike the X eng springy things aswell and there rear radius jobs,when's the fronts available then?

Gonna change the rear axle for a disk one out of my RRC rolling chassis,

Like Mark says above the springs are for Range Rover heavy duty applications, many use them to improve the handling on RRC or as cheap lift springs for Defender. For more info on suspension see the technical archive - Steve G's excellent thread was a great help to me, along with Trevs (LR90) spring calculator and the Spring information

I too changed by drum rear axle to a disc axle from a Disco, good cheap mod for better brakes - time it to coincide with your planned suspension upgrades and it'll make life a lot easier and save you undoing the same bolt twice :)


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Ok i think my RRC chassis is sat on "police spec" springs,result.

Engines sorted,mazda 3.5L TD 125hp,260ft/lbs torque! want to go auto out of my RR cause the box was rebuilt and i like auto's!

rear props clunky so check that and change rear axle etc.

whats the craic with longer shocks etc.if i lift it then i'll need longer shocks but is it worth getting +4" if i'm going to mod the radius arms ?

heres the boy!


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Just thought I would add some pictures of the diff protection on the 110, it may give you some ideas if you decide to make your own guard

This is the welded plate on the front diff




Oops, really should sort out that drag-link hitting the steering guard on full droop

For reference here is a QT guard for a salisbury axle


Lewis :)

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Started as boggo '87 90 pick-up

Now has the benefit of........

200Tdi with J Fearn intercooler

Rebel steering guard ( not brill, replacing at some point )

Home fabbed winch bumper, swing away spare wheel carrier,

and rock sliders and roll hoop.

Full hard top in winter, All Wheel Trim tilt in sumer.

235/85 Colway MTs ( getting a tad battered )


Nice comfy seats from a....ahem...Micra

And as mentioned in another thread, bulkhead removed so I

can sleep in it.

So a long way to go yet !

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Recovery points should be first on your list, as others have said, NATO hitch on the back, genuine parts JATE rings on the front.

then i'd go for tyres.... and the choice is yours....

after that, some underbody protection, steering guard or H/D trackrods, diff guards, tank guard, sill bars...

then look at the front bumper...

then... when you've finished weighing it down... you can have a look at what kind of suspension you want to go for...

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Mine has:

Disco 200 engine conversion

Rebuilt LT77

Sleeved trackrod and draglink (i prefer these to gaurds)

Rover seats

Truck cab soft top

NATO hitch

Heavy Duty front bumper

Nobbilee tyres


RR steering wheel

Megan electric fan





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Looks like you like deep water so a snorkel, and raised breather pipes, for axles, transfer box and gearbox would be pretty high up my list. Also dont forget to seal the air filter. There are threads on here about that.

Main thing is enjoy it and you will gradually find out what you need or want for it.


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