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I could google but chances of me finding out what it is are probably zilch so thought I’d ask on here as your a learnered lot , what is this for ?

https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153075975044      It lists it for Land Rover 200tdi injectors etc8412 as well as Leland , is it some sort of fuel rail mod ?

cheers Ian 

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Possible a test rig for injectors, looks to have electrical connection [black plastic part] but none on a 200tdi injection system.

the part number ETC8412 goes to the correct injector when put in google. 

googling the title SPRAYER SUPPORT BOSCH 0432193879 comes up with this as well BOSCH 0432193879 Nozzle and Holder Assembly

a poorly written & translated advert, 

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They say it’s suitable for the Tdi, but run up well into TD5 years (maybe for ROW spec?) but also don’t distinguish between 200 and 300 Tdi.  There is no product description, no relevant photo and no product review.  I’d say snake oil.  Some sort of rigid leak off rail would be a nice mod, considering how rapidly the rubbish braided hose perishes and splits causing leaks and starting problems, but that price, if that’s what it is, is insane.

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