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Pan Hard Rod bolt size??

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My lockdown rebuild is continuing painfully slowly, but it is getting there.

Refitting all the steering components and am confusd by the Pan Hard rod bolts. I had cut the old ones off as they had seized, so I cannot check the sizes. However, according to Microcat and every other reference I can find it says the bolts are M14 x 80  (part number BH114617 - with the alternative being an M16 from chassis 2A onward)

I was planning to order nice new SS ones from YRM, but working about in the garage today I came across a couple of M14 x 100 and thought I would see if they would do the job. The bolts do not fit through the bracket on the chassis or steering box - it is very close but will not go. Is there another version of the Pan Hard Rod bolt? 13mm or I suppose 1/2 ?? If so does anyone have a part number?


It is a 1993 200tdi 90.

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1 hour ago, Retroanaconda said:

I wouldn’t fit stainless bolts in this application. Standard bolts and do them up FT.

In this case 'FT' means:

                                                                                                      Nm                           Ibf-ft

Panhard rod to mounting arm nut                                     176                           130

Panhard rod to anchor bracket nut                                     176                           130

Your basic torque wrench tends to top out at 120 lbf-ft, and you can read into the change from 14mm to 16mm that these bolts have to withstand a lot of force when in service.

There is a typo in the first post, the Bolt is BH114167.


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4 minutes ago, western said:

different bolts at each end items 16 & 17.

Based on the evidence you have given, and what I see on Land Rover Workshop, that statement is not supported.

Your parts diagram shows BH114161 and BH114167 to be alternatives at each end of the panhard rod.
LRW shows that BH114161 has been superseded by BH114167.
This is supported by other sites such as Britcar and LR Direct.


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Thanks folks. The hole does not look to be corroded but I might try can run a 14mm drill through the hole. I currently have the rod in place with a couple of m12 bolts in as locating pins, but I will pull the rod back off and try the bolts through the bushes just to be sure.

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The later M16 type are very different, they have a flanged head and a Dacromet finish, same style as the later radius arm to axle bolts. The M14 ones are just normal 8.8 grade M14x80 bolts

I tighten them as hard as I can with a breaker bar as you don't want them coming loose. If they do then, apart from wobbly steering, they'll oval the mounting holes alarmingly quickly.

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