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The D2 will probably need new tyres soon. BFG dont make an AT in the right size - 255/65/16. The General Grabber AT3 does come in that size which would be my next choice. BUT... are there any cheaper alternatives out there with similar performance (perhaps not the same longevity)? Reason for asking is that the D2 needs something each year at MOT time and I dont know how much longer we will keep it running without some significant work. As a result, I was contemplating not spending as much on tyres as I normally do but I dont want something ****ty on there given that my other half drives the little one around in it. Any thoughts on a compromise? (I dont want remoulds... and am not een on second hand tyres). Needs to do roads, grassy fields and the ice/snow comfortably.

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14 hours ago, reb78 said:

The General Grabber AT3

Are they any better than the General Grabber ATs (if I remember they did something silly like there was an AT which then got renamed as AT² and the AT was the new version)?

Anyway I digress - I had a two sets fitted to my old 3.6 TDV8 L322 (255/55R19) and in my honest opinion they were a pile of urine. No tyre lasted more than 10k, if they made it that far. I had 3 sidewalls destructions (two would have admittedly taken out most tyres but the third was a twig), those that survived sidewall damage started cracking up after ~10k and I didn't trust then, they were brand new tyres when fitted. Replaced with a set of Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs (yes I know not technically speed rated) and they were much much better, possibly slightly noisier but when you're cruising in the comfort of an L322 cabin outside noise is largely a thing of the past.

I'm also looking to replace the carp that came with my 4.4 TDV8 now with something that'll at least work in this area when it gets wet and wintery (the Pirelli Scorpions are useless on grass, even if dry) but there's little option for an even slightly all terrain tyre for a 20" wheel apart from the General Grabbers.

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