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Defender clutch servo kit

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Does anyone have any experience of this:


Or maybe if not this specific product then any feedback on the supplier would also be useful.

I’d be interested in how it compares with this:


Apart from being 20x the price!

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On 2/14/2023 at 2:59 PM, FridgeFreezer said:

I have LOF slave cylinder and it's great - super light pedal, super simple install (same as a stock slave cylinder). Not sure I'd bother with adding boosters etc.

I thought (i.e. something that carries little real value!) that this slave worked by having narrower internals, therefore higher internal pressure and less pedal pressure. This also means that the pedal travel is greater to deliver the same movement.

Kind of like the principle of the pulley - less effort required, but more rope to shift.

The net effect of this is greater pedal travel. 

I have one fitted (300Tdi), and the spring, and I find I have to set the pedal higher than I'd like to get the bite point above the floor. 

Has that been your experience or did you find a workaround? 

I have to say that I am toying with the idea of a booster. Neither my wife and I are getting younger, and our plans for the next few years involve longer trips with the car, so probably some benefit to be had. 

Either that or I need to get back in the gym... 

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I fitted a booster to a 1986 110, long before the spring idea appeared.  I was driving on the M25 every day & pushing the clutch again & again in slow traffic was getting boring!

Mine was out of a scrap Austin Princess IIRC.  It was difficult to bleed, but boy, what a difference!  You could press the clutch with a feather!

When the spring assist came along on later vehicles (and I wasn't commuting in the vehicle) I never fitted another one - but have often thought how fantastic it was!  I would definitely buy one again if I needed assistance.

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