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raised air intake


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I decided id better get round to putting in a snorkel in the rangerover (stock intake location is stupid), so I looked around the garage.

I found;

A box of pvc fittings

Some pvc pipe

some commodore intake bits

a $100 blue flexi intake hose (from supercheap 6 months ago)

and an old patrol carb air intake.

To start with, I started thinking about how I was going to do the underbonnet bit. I already knew where the snorkel would be feeding out. The original plan was to go and get another intake hose (black one), but supercheap didnt have any. THere were also not enough pvc bends or right size pipe, so I started lining up the commodore bits.

I used a 45 degree bend to come out from between the carbs, then onto a couple of commodore intake bits, then onto a bit of pvc pipe, which connected to the blue flexi. The flexi was then fed through teh panel under the windscreen and a hole was cut in the panel. It was then fedout, and then the bit of patrol intake pipe with the bend was added onto the end.

It is airtight, and I still need to paint the top bit to make it look a bit better.




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