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Disco 2 on 37's


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Well the Mad colonials down here have done it again

A D2 on 37's (325/85/R16), and you lot worry about ptutting them on a 90 :D

And a bit of cutting need though ;)

Maxi Drive axles , before you ask :rolleyes: But no portals :)

But does look really cool

Jules you know what to do when the RRC LSE goes dead :D


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37"? :lol:

sorry :P

Not everyone is after a comp truck been there done that

To me that's quit nice for all round use as a toy for expedition and much, much, much, more comfortable than most of the other trucks with that size and above tyre..... I could also do that to my Disco with ease and still dive on a motorway at 70-80mph comfortably for relatively very little money.

No its not as strong a it could be but then it starts to cost more and if you not competing and you pushing that hard its your driving that's failing and need attention not the car.

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Its probably less work just to fit the 37s to a disco... :rolleyes:



I agree with you on this one

its not that hard just bringing your self to carving up a Disco 2 once you have done that its easy.

There is a D2 on portals with 40's on so its not the most extreme or anything but it is nice looking and as my disco is now worth less than last years laptop I could be persuaded if SWMBO wasn't looking

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looking at the black front wheels is it eating brake pads stopping 37" tyres?

Does look the part mind, I keep yearning for 37" tyres on my 110 ;)


Will you're about quite right. A mate of mine has 37's under his DII (for over 2 years now) and does 30.000K a year with it. 3 sets of brakepads a year..... It used to be his toy but now he uses it for his daily 70 km commute and has a D1 on Maxidrive portals bobbed and everything.

Cheers Bowy

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Just so we're clear people, I have nothing against the truck, its nice, I like it - forget about it. Its the way throwing in some halfshafts and changing the tyres is billed as surmounting the impossible...

zzz zzZ ZZZ


Sorry Al, I just saw an opening and couldn't resist :D

I'd agree with you its not rocket science but it does look quite tidy and fairly subtle. Its a differant skill to fabrication but making a car that looks 'right' is still a skill.

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mmm Devons truck is nice but each to there own I like the ARB's safari range of bumpers

I agree with Jules

The ARB safari bumer is very nice and looks good on the front of a D2, The devon one just ruins the front look of the D2 after all i don't need amazing appoch angle . I am not entering a comp with it , just touring :)

, Bet there's alot more ARB ones around than Dveon ones :):)

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