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Straight Through Exhaust


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Well my exhaust fell off while in Wales this weekend leaving about 3' of 2.25" OD downpipe.

Driving home I felt like I had a lot more power at the top end of the rev range comfortably pulling from 50-80mph in 5th with more power seemingly on tap.

Was I being fooled by the roar of the exhaust and whine of the turbo or are there genuine benefits to a straight through exhaust?

If I made a replacement system with no silencer could I expect trouble at MOT time?

Also why are exhausts always made of steel? Wouldn't it be possible to make something out of silicone in this day and age?

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On a Tdi you will get a noticable improvement in low down torque with a straight through no silencer exhaust.

There shouldn't be an MOT issue as the turbo quietens everything down.

I've heard a 90 Tdi with a full straight through systen and it wasn't noisy at all.


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If it's to load your getting to old :hysterical:

My RRC LSE 4.2 V8 has no middle box and I can lisnt to it all day long and still make me feel warm inside when I start it or just give it a little rev etc.. :rolleyes:

My TD5 D2 with a similar straigh through middle box pipe sound bad simple as that <_<


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wot do you think of the newsite neil. some good sections as long as it stay's dry


Awesome site - possibly the most technical we've used.

If it rains we're all in big trouble :ph34r: :ph34r:

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Have you thought about an exhaust with straight through silencers? This will give you a quiet exhaust with no power losses. I made mine with 2 straight through silencers (no baffles), based on a complete defender tdi and discovery tdi system, used one straight through silencer from both systems, and I find it as quiet as any standard TDI. I cant compare it with the baffled silencers, since I never ran it like that, but it is very quiet.


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I used a tiny straight through box on the 90 and it was pretty quiet. The differance in noise level between no silencer and tiny straight through silencer is huge.

The impression I get with Tdi's is that the outright figures don't seem to be massivly effected by exhaust design (unlike a nat asp petrol engine) however a straight through system allows the turbo to spool up quicker helping pickup.

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