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The interesting part would be insuring it and then having a bump.

The insurance company could probably find a whole load of reasons not to pay out.

Not knowing the vehicle it's hard to specific, but most are cut down old range rovers with a series ID.

As FF said, why risk it to save £3.50p per week ??


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I worked on a 1989 90 just outside of Swindon last year. The guy and his girlfriend had just bought it and were very pleased with it. Unfortunately the truck was made up from either Rangy or Disco parts - only the rear axle, body, and reg plates were matching the year. They were seriously worried when I told them it was illegal. Some people just don't know :(

I'd rather pay the £180 a year and £150 SVA fee - losing the vehicle, getting prosecuted for having it, no insurance, etc, and possibly committing fraud, just isn't worth the risk.


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I think he took it quite well :lol:

In answer to Pugwash's question at the top of this thread:

has anyone on here been caught out going down the pre-tax reg number route?

I'd say there's little point risking the attentions of the DVLA for the money you save - either it's legitimately tax-exempt or you're on ice of variable thickness for all the reasons stated in that thread.

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