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30th March Bunny lane play day


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Bunny Lane 4x4 Day

March 30th 2008

Timsbury, nr Romsey, Hampshire

The usual club rules apply.

Start: 1000

Finish: 1600

Difficulty: Intermediate - non-damaging if you stay out of the silly stuff.

Price: £20

Note: You must be a SLRC member to play, you can join by going to the club website for only £10



Burger Van


I'll be taking my new toy if I can mot it in time

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I should be down there, with my wading kit installed!

And to explore some more of the site.



This is what did to the inside of my timing cover due to no wading plugs, caused the pully to jam with mud and break the cam belt


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Well, thats definitely an incentive to get my wading kit installed before the 30th!


Glad I spent a few quid on some plugs for the timing cover and bell housing for Brick Kiln mud wading :P

I'm always amazed at how little you need to spend to stop a big load of hassle (wading plugs, breathers, tank guard...). Have fun at Bunny L :rolleyes:

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Another excellant day at bunny lane. The weather was good, i thought it mite chuck it down.

Here's a pic of my land rover (notice the new addition of a breather pipes up the snorkel!)


Hopefully you will recognise this part of bunny lane. I quite like this slope, but I don't see many other people going up it?


Here was someone (sorry, I dont know who you are!) just coming out of the deep water next to those huge embankments I was standing on!


Hope these pics work, as this is the first time I've added pics.



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