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Mike Wolfe Winch Challenege - UPDATE & INFO

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At the time of Writing (today being 2nd December) The position is as follows.

1. The event will be a forum meet up !....

see notes below which shows the entrnats, and those who may or may not be HBROers, but are Forumeers !....

22 teams have so far reserved places.....

there are just a few slots left, club mag was with members yesterday, .....................

so I expect a few more to fill the places below.............................................................

2. Other Info.

For some insane reason I have shoved my hand up to be club magazine editor, so expect some HUGE changes ! :blink:

3. OK.............Entrantrants and teams....... B)

Team 1 White 90 and Nick TangoMan (FORUM)

Team 2 Trev LR90 and Adrian Turner ??? (FORUM)

Team 3. Will W and Si White (FORUM)

Team 4. Tonk & Perv (FORUM)

Team 5. Paul W and Jim Marsden (FORUM)

Team 6 Simon R & ??? (FORUM)

Team 7. JST & Mike (FORUM)

Team 8. "Team Anonimouse" (don't ask won't say so Neeer Neer neer nerr so there ) (FORUM)

Team 9. The "Antil Mob" (FORUM)

Team 10. Julian/Dave TBA (friends of TC) take the last place for a while (FORUM)

Team 11. Jon Beagley & ??

Team 12. John Jennings and Bob Seaman

Team 13. Dareen Holmes & ??

Team 14. Andy Burbidge & ?? (Forum)

Team 15. Melvin & ??

Team 16. Nigel Bicknell & Barry Mew

Team 17. Ashley Byrne & Mark Sinclair

Team 18. Neil Thomlinson & Hugh Duffett

Team 19. Roy Friend & Richard Salter

Team 20. Ropger Pardy & ??

Team 21. SCLROC & ??

Team 22. KCC (Sponsors of the MWWCE)

Team 23. Avaialble

Team 24. Avaialble

Team 25. Avaialble

On the last thread there was a comment from TONK thus :

give it a go but team no. 5 looks a bit handy

which leads me nicely to :

4. The Site. B)


So whilst a load of you will now have seen that Team 5 is paul Wightman & Jim Marsden, however groany you feel about pressure on you and you not having a chnace, just consider for 1 minute the pressure Paul & Jim will be under if they can't win cleanly at Pauls "Home Site" :) ....no pressure then Paul ? :lol:

The Date is set for the Sunday 5th Feb 2006

5. Entry Forms and Payment :(

So, nows the time to find out the genuines from the dreamers ! :rolleyes:

Entry and Payment time ! :(

I require entry forms from all entrants to ensure firm places booked, I am also happy to have post dated cheques to jan 2006, so some have already sent me forms, you can all expect something on e-mail to you possibly today, if you don't have it by say Monday PM me !

Entry is :

HBRO Members....... £50 per 4x4 (inc driver and passenger) :D

NON HBRO Members £50 as above plus £4 for passenger / winch bitch ..........

PROVIDING the WB DOES NOT DRIVE AT ALL ON EVENT.... Plus Membership at £26 per year for driver

NON HBRO Members £50 as above winch bitch wants to also be able to drive as well....

Plus Membership at £26 per year for driver and same for WB another £26

Driver and WB both Members of Any ARC CLub £50 as per HBRO members costings

Driver ARC but WB Not..... Driver £50 and WB £4

Driver Non ARC but WB ARC Member, jeez this is getting silly now, ..... :huh:

Driver £50 + £26 membership, WB £0

6. Spectators :unsure:

Ok, spectators are allowed...... :rolleyes:


No 4x4 on site EXCEPT Marshals, and Officals (one with a certain Forumeer for Italyn (Michele) in the seat of my 90) and entrants. PERIOD. :o

This is only fair,..............

if you are an entrant and have paid for the event,

why should you have to wait / toot / shout at a spectator stuck in your way to move ?.....

thats the rules, and I'm COC so ....

"Period" :lol: that it.

NER :wub:

Any Questions Post of PM.....it will be a great day B)

Oh, and we are hoping to have the event covered by a Magazine -

so have those dents (old and new) polished up !.......................................... B)



(COC MWWCE) and now (HBRO Newsletter Editor) and Nursey to SWMBO) :ph34r:

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Forms and stuff going out to all shortly, I'll sort out renewal forms to !

YES....I have agreed that WB and drivers will have prizes.

1st 2nd 3rd ARC

1st 2nd 3rd NON arc

Drivers and WBs..

One suggestion was drivers won a little plastic box with a button on it for 1 2 3rd places, .....

.....and winch bitches got a strap on electric shock unit :D

Seriously will be doing something for both Drivers and WBs.


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[which leads me nicely to :

4. The Site. B)


No more Minstead then?


This could save me from travelling a whole day before getting there though...as I did last year...


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Mmmm, looking forward to it. Can you get the forms off to me Nige?

Tonks, There's more than team 5 to worry about, team 12 is pretty handy too. There's a few other names I recognise aswell which is never a good thing ;)

Will (only cares about beating one team ;):o )

P.S. M, Slindon's vicious.

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Cool thats my home site too, going all out to give paul & jim

a run for there money!

Trev, you best be ready for this, it's body damage time!

Ooh sh!te..... I did that last time. :ph34r:

glad I didn't bother repairing it :D

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