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Puma Defender 2.4TDci

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I have had mine a year now and it has covered 18k miles, here is a list of the problems I have had with it:

Yes that's right, none and please be assured all they don’t all go wrong :P

It's just a shame we only hear about the ones that do.

Thanks Rich

Defender 2.4TDci

Series II 1959

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only me :lol:

well i can say my one has broken a few times

they have now fixed the gearbox oil leaks but the front hub seals are starting to drip oil on the tyres now :o

10 thousand miles now

my wife is driving my the defender this week as her 54 plate toyota verso is in for a new clutch fly wheel all because the gearbox oil seal failed wecking the clutch at a cost of £1791 :o so the car in front is well behind the defender :P


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My problems with the Puma Defender 2.4 after 12 000 km

1.- Copilot window falling down inside the door

2.- Some bolts missing or loose

3.- Waiting for a new modified oil sump (damaged after an off road travel)


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Mine,, as inspected today by a main dealer, and declared as "No Fault Found" :( with under 4000 miles

Left Hand


Right Hand


Certainly the l/hand is worse

Those pics dont show it as bad as it looks - must be the light/angle

Anyway you forgot to mention the rear set fittings!

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Had mine 10 months. No significant probs. Only done about 4k miles as it's just used at weekends and rarely goes out of the glen where I live. Frequently light off road.


- air con [yes I know I'm a wimp] didn't cool - low on coolant - "fixed" by dealer

- side light and an indicator stopped working. Screwdriver job to re-fit very ropey loose connection.

On the few occasions it's done longer runs it has been much more comfortable than my old 110 TD5.

Heated front screen is invaluable on those -10C mornings.

I love it.


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4 months and 3k in (barely run in)

No show stoppers to report.

Monitoring the banging vibration on over-run but well documented elsewhere.

Umm - that's about it really.

Done plenty of off-road in it and some longer journeys. Much more comfortable and liveable than my previous Td5.

Definitely a hit.

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I am pleased to read people are generally satisfied with their new Pumas as I am just about to buy one. Although I have to say I have had NO PROBLEMS at all with my 7 year old Td5. That is if you exclude bodywork & corrosion issues. It has occasionally needed the diesel replacing & I understand oil has been replaced when it has been serviced. Other than this the worst fault has been a sidelight bulb failed.


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...It has occasionally needed the diesel replacing & I understand oil has been replaced when it has been serviced. ...

Ahh - you've had this problem with diesel as well, then.

I've noticed that it fails more often when I drive longer distances. Land Rover must know about the issue because they've put a little dial on my dash to help me predict when it might happen.

Just part of Landy ownership, I guess. ;)

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Can confirm no oil used in between servicing except last year I noticed drips of oil on my drive & I used about a pint during the course of the year. When it was in for service last November I reported an oil leak & asked for an opinion as to what & HOW MUCH! to have it fixed. Reply was "oil leak was from the oil filter, whoever serviced the vehicle last year had forgotten to tighten it up"!

Neither the garage who did the last service or the previous one were Land Rover main dealers. I stopped taking it to the dealer since I picked it up after a service and drove it away to find the wheels squealing when cornering. They had left the centre diff lock engaged! I went back & protested but they were indifferent & said it would not cause a problem! As it happens it did not cause a problem but I understand it could have done? Then I would have been to blame for not checking it was in the correct mode before setting off!!!


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I have my defender for 1 and a half month and Drove some 4500 km. And i got some problems:

- Handbrake light is out of control.

- First time using my frontscreenheating, broke the window.

- Dealer installed winch and the alarm didn't like eachother. (After using the winch the alarm was very inreliable) Refitting of the winchcables seemed to solve it.

- One door closes really bad.

That's all. And because when it rains, it rains still inside it's probably a real defender.

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So it hasn't needed topping up in between? :unsure:

I've not had to top any of mine up since the 300Tdi. They never seemed to use any.

The puma might in time... offroading up a steep hill and giving it plenty of throttle causes some blue smoke for a few seconds. Then it clears and is fine, so I'm guessing the engine does not like very steep gradients and is sucking some oil in.

Anyone had the same?

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  • 5 years later...


Need some advice

Seen v cheap..2007 Tdci 110..wants 15-16 but i think will accept 14ish SINCE HE ADMITS NEEDS CASH

What should I look at or out for in way of 55,000 miles

any ideas

Have 1987 90 and a D3 but this is uncharted for me

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Clutches are a weak point, apparently.

Our had to have a new rear window as the high level brake light was u/s. and the wiring in the left wing repaired (short between lights and horn) repaired, I had to remove the inner trm to refit hard top securing nuts that had come off and align the front doors and front wings correctly as they were way off )the wings have been droopy ever since the 300Tdis). As for the underside, the factory corrosion resistnce is nil, so we had it properly done and I stripped back, zinc primed and painted the rear cross member.

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