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My new project!


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You shortend the doors, I did it "mini shorty style" and went into the doors! :D

Big factor will be props and how short can I go! I also cut a bit out of the front as you did...this could be fun!

Hard top is the way to go (or Truckcab) as this will be minimun cutting.

Will handle like a pig!

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Do what??? use Photoshop or shorten a Land Rrover

I see wheelies on hill-climbs coming! (a bit like a certain quad incident I have all too clear a memory of!)

I've heard of trialers with the gearbox bolted directly to the rear axle via a UJ and making the engine & box pivot on a pair of mounts!


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[Homer] Mmmmm..... unspruuuung weight. [/Homer]

I guess that in trialing (going slowly) - it makes little odds.

How about hydrostatic drive? 4 flail mower motors and a variable displacement pump from a dust-cart should make it go! Then you can put the engine anywhere you want - even in a trailer!


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