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clutch pedal spring

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I popped into a LR parts place today to pick up a clutch pedal spring. Mine squeaks absurdly loudly now and has resisted WD40 and various spray on greases ....

The spring that came up on their microcat (which I don't have) was nothing like the one on mine.

Mine looks like this one:


The one they had was the sort that fits around the pivot shaft - like my throttle spring.

Like this one:


Can anyone shed some light on why my TD5 would have this spring?

Is it possible the shaft mounted one broke and someone fitted the earlier type?

Would I be able to replace my spring with the proper TD5 part? I've no idea how hard to strip the shaft and pedal out it...?

Any help gratefully received!

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pedal unit is different too, so just adding a 300Tdi/Td5 spring may not work.

if thats your X reg blue 90 in your pictures, then it should have a Td5 style spring from new, maybe the previous owner changed the pedal assembly, I had my 300Tdi/Td5 pedal unit since mid 1995.

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Thanks Ralph

How easy is it to fit the TD5 style spring? I presume the box has to come out?

Does anyone have a picture of the TD5 style box? I'm wondering if mine has had a spring fitted onto the front of the original box as a quick fix - I can't imagine they'd swap the whole box rather than fix whatever needed doing?

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Here's mine - looking at yours in the other post, this one has the brackets and cut out to mount the proper spring...


It just also seems to have the hole to mount the earlier type spring.

I've got the part number for the TD5 spring - EDP7510L

Can anyone give me the numbers for other fittings I need?

looks like a 'c' cup to cushion the spring in the pedal - and a nut and bolt that locks the spring into the brackets.....


Anyone have a look on microcat for me please?

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That's hugely helpful Ralph and I really appreciate you taking the time to help - thank you.

I can pop out and pick up the parts on Thursday - perfect

If you remember Herbet Lom in the Clouseau films .. with the stress twitch .... that's what my absurdly loud squeaking clutch spring is doing .......

so yes! thank you :D


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I hadn't twigged that this new style spring was one of those that changes to helping press the clutch in when its rotated round......

really big difference.

Gone will be the over developed left leg!

Thanks for your help Ralph :D

Hi Anderzander.

I had this problem for several years despite all the squirting attentions you could dream of.

It was only cured when I removed the master cyl. and made a proper job of greasing (with proper rubber grease) the end of the push rod where it presses against the piston inside the gaiter.

The truth was that the push rod was wearing it's way through the piston! with a nasty 'creaking' sound.

That was about six years ago, and it lasted Five years in silence, until the seal began to weep, and I changed it for a new bran new cyl.

Upon inspection, I found the new one to be quite free of lubricant, and no doubt would have been subject to undue wear. SOOO: I copiously 'juced it up' and we will all live happily ever after.

Best regards.


Isle of Skye.


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What's the width of the spring where it fits round the pedal? I'm guessing it's only just enough for the narrow late defender pedal. Been wondering about modifying the Series pedal to achieve the same, but it looks like at the very least I've have to change the pedal and weld on the two eyes, if not a full pedal assembly

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