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My Discovery

Brian S

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Here is the story so far....

I brought my first Landrover last Autumn, the usual story, my mates were getting into green laning and off roading and after a few trips in the passenger seat I had to get my own.

I even got the rest of the family into it...... Result.:cool:

Here it is when I brought it.


Nice a comfy for those trips out.


Its a 3.9 V8 ES model.

Then I started to get it dirty.

The day after I got it.


Then I decided to give it a thorough check through for rust. I did the basics when buying it but wanted to see how good/bad it was.

The boot floor was not too bad. There is welding done on the arches, behind the rear door already and some surface rust on the boot floor sides but that was it. I removed the loose rust and treated it with Hammerite rust cure. There was section needed welding behind the boot rubber. A friend of a friend did a great job for not much money. He also found a patch on the chassi that he welded a patch on for me.







Then painted it all in Hammerite spray. Quite a close match


The footwells were quite good even though the carpet on the passenger side was damp, I needed to lift the carpet for a few days to let it dry out.


Then took it greenlaning before Christmas :)


Had a little fight with a tree on Monday night when we went out for some greenlane fun in the snow.

New glass needed :eek:




Then today brought some new toys and a glass, to be fitted this weekend.





I took it for the dreaded MOT on Friday, and guess what......

Yes it Failed.

Needed new brake pads and cats. I had a blocked cat and had them removed and with a through pipe welded in, basically made a de-cat pipe.

The old pads were very bad.



New pads fitted.



The guy also pointed out some surface rust on the back end of the Sill, so I removed the plastic Sill covers and found this.



The rest of the sill look ok, just some surface bubbles


I got the hose out and run water through the sills and cleaned them up.

I will be getting the sill patched up next week then will treat all the little patches with rust cure and coat the lot in underseal

Then once I am happy its all dry it will get a load of Waxoil sprayed in there.

Now I need to sort out an exhaust.

I can buy aftermarket cats from EBAY for £199 but is there an alternative?

I was wondering what a decent full aftermarket system would cost with better headers. It might be worth paying extra to get some extra power and nicer sound.

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Got a few bits done today, Its been a great weekend for working on your Landy. Nice and sunny :D

I forgot to post these pics of a monster being built by the guys I brought my glass from.




Well I cracked on with the side glass.

All removed


Boot needs a tidy :D


I had bit of straightening to do.



And all in.


Will need some silicon in there for now. I need to borrow a slide hammer an get it pulled out a bit


While the trim was out I found the likely cause of the wet interior, I had dug around the roof sill and found a couple of small holes which have now been filled :D



Final job of the day was to fit my Jate Rings.



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They are a bit of a drive from me but always a great source of Discovery parts.

Yesterday I got the welding done on my sill.






Went out this morning and found the road closed.

Was tempted to go back for the Landy :D



This guy was stuck in the middle and had to be pulled out..... Muppet.


While out today I picked up my latest purchase. :D



Will be fitted aong with my steering guard this weekend.

I'm just waiting for my ehaust to arrive then I can get it back to the garage for its MOT.

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That a nice looking Disco. Not too far off what I am aiming for.

My plans include

Bullbar (Waiting to be fitted)

Steering Guard (Waiting to be fitted)

Side steps (Set in garage, having mounting issues)

2 x driving lights on bullbar (Trip to Halfords at the weekend)

Mud tyres (Saving up)

Roof Rack (Saving up)

Then I want to get some stickers on it, nothing over the top, just to make it look purposeful, if that make sense.

This summer I want to go on a few long weekends with the family, camping in Wales or Scotland and driving through some of the national parks and green lanes that we dont get in Essex. Just haveing everything we need in the back, a bit like a mini safari. As I cant afford the real thng :D

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My new Cats arrived this week.


One fitted it sailed though its MOT, the reading was something like 0.003 so almost fresh air coming from the exhaust now :D

As it was dry and sunny I decided to have a go at fitting my Steering guard and bull bar.

Unfortunately once the bullbar is on the steering guard is too wide. :(

Why cant I have some luck with this car. I realy like the look of the bull bar and with all the other damage I've pickd up its only a matter of time for the lights or wing to take a battering.

I may try a find a cheaper aliminium guard to see if that fits. I wonder if every other Discovery owner who does these mods has so much trouble.

Some pics from today.



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I brought some steel wheels from my mates 110 he is doing up.

Got them powder coated and just been to pick them up.

Sorry no before pics.




When they went off they had little black allen head bolts all round the edge to make them look split rim, but they have gone. Any idea where I can get replacements?

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Cheers Mr Alford :)

I am taking it forward as my budget allows (Mr Barclaycard or Mrs S usually :D) But t the moment I dont plan on making it an off road monster.

I want to tackle some of the more rocky lanes in other parts of the country but I am not bothered if I have to wimp out of the serious stuff.

Next step is a set of 235 85 16 Mud Tyres to give the diffs a 1 1/2" lift, minimal body cutting, then just a few mods to make it look a bit tougher without looking all out monster.

Plastic arches, stickers, roof rack, that type of thing

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