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Salisbury Plain


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Went to the 'Plain this weekend for a spot of clay shooting nr Shrewton. What a fantastic place...!!! :rolleyes:

Anybody familiar to the area that would like to show us some of the "best of the bunch" lanes sometime? Preference is for 'scenic and long' rather than up to bonnet stuff....bored of that :P

Easier to be shown around than get it wrong!

I'm sure we can get a small group together quite easily..........

Meet at the Bustard Inn seems "the norm"



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Sounds like a plan, I spent all day out on the plain on march 29th and it was amazing, lots of sun fantastic views and lots of army trucks, and even saw a plane on one of the air strips,

Also there's nothing like green laning on the plain, the vast open spaces and the huge network of tracks, most of which dont appear on os maps, make navigating interesting.

Im sure a trip or 2 could be arranged especially with easter and bank holiday weekends approaching so we should be able to get a decent turnout, maybe even squeeze in a quick trip to Imber Village

Pick a date, and see whose can make it, I will be up for showing you about dates permitting.


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How about the 18th, as i cant make the 19th,

Also the 18th ties in with the plain newsletter

Plain News Letter April 2009

This is looking like an there should be a healthy turnout, as I know of a few other trucks that are interested,

I currently have a rough route in my head, and will hopefully be checking it out beforehand, to ensure that the tracks are actually there, driveable and has a selection of views and terrain,


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Hi Dan

18th is good for me :rolleyes:

Bustard Inn @ 9am?? Or earlier if you want to get a full day in... ;)

What areas/lanes had you in mind? A mate might come in his 'shiny' P38 so scenic and non damaging only please or he'll kill me :lol:

Waddya reckon?



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How about a 9am departure form the Bustard on Saturday April the 18th.

We should be able to cover a large amount of lanes, Im aiming to get out next week and check my route so can update you about the "scratchiness" but there are quite a few non scratchy lanes on the plain,

The plan is mainly the westdown ranges, Tilshead, Chitterne, The german village, Westdown, possibly Berwick st James,

We should be able to cover most off the lanes in the area,

And I agree with GBMUD Bulford range does have a slightly better range of Lanes, but that can be saved for another day,

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Excellent, see you then.

Don't worry about non scratchy lanes too much...he will probably not come.

Will update nearer the time on the number of motors...probably 2 (who don't mind scratches :D ).



Bulford sounds like a plan for May or June ;)

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i will come along but only if it does not rain between now and then as i only have road biased tyres and i know how unforgiving the plain is when its wet!

but i could always "borrow" a defender from work!!!!! :ph34r:

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Just been for a little drive with the missus, last minute we decided to take the dogs for a walk somewhere different, the breadknife suggested Salisbury plains.

COOL. Off we went drove the big stoned roads then noticed the by-way signs and went off down a few, pulled over and walked any bits we were unsure of before doing them as we were on our own.

My first time there and I loved it. Can't wait to go with poeple who know it well and know which are the permissable places to go.

Dogs enjoyed it..





After the first puddle I did the macarena as you can see


Dogs still loving it



Bit futher down the by way was a bigger puddle, but had to go around that as a major getting stuck risk arose, so went around that and went through a smaller water trap



Pulled over to let the dogs out and have a bickkie



The handbrake started slipping so we had to stop it rolling down the slope... It was real hard, it's a heavy car..


Of course SHE's had her weetabix this morning...


In action


The next water trap


She went wading


Finished off with a rather bumping lane


Then walk the dogs and off home. Cracking day

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It was cool.

If it was right muddy I can see how you'd get stuck. I'm the first to back out of trying something, I'm paranoid of getting stuck while out on your own...

But I'd love to go back there with someone else, a tow rope and maybe a winch

; )

I'd have had a go at the other bits, they looked REALLY bad like you'd just get stuck halfway in...

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  • 2 weeks later...

As the 18th is fast approaching, I'd thought id bump this thread and get ask people to add there names to the thread so I can get an idea of numbers,

The details are 9am departure from the Bustard on Saturday April the 18th.

and coming so far there are:

Myself aka doda456 green 200tdi disco

My brother aka scared green v8 rangerover

Dr Rob


Jcwcooper white 90 and his mate in a vitara

I will pm out my mobile number nearar the time, so that if you can make it you can let me know,

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Good idea. PM sent to you with my mobile number.

I'll let you know if work mates will be joining me.

Fingers crossed the weather will be like today :)

Went laning round Petersfield today. Glorious B)



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