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where have you put yours ?

V8 90 JON

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Hi my compressor for my arb was mounted under the passenger seat in my 90...however i keep wadding and filling the seat base with water and then the compressor stops working untill it drys out again,

so.....iv'e thought about trying to waterproof the battery compartment, but whilst i could probably deal with most of it i get the feeling that it might end up like a fish tank if it does fill through the top and can't escape.

so has anybody mounted the compressor outside (on the rear of the truck cab) ?.

and if you mount it inside the cab how loud is it???

or any other ideas?

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mine is mounted in the cab....the amount of noise isn't really a problem cos how often do you actually run it and how long does it take for the diff(s) to be engaged - not long.

i've seen others mount them on the rear of the bulkhead on top of their tray etc.


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On the hybrid I mounted mine on rear bulkhead in the corner behind the passenger seat. Nice an Easy for electrics and plumbing to front and rear.

The compressor is not noisy, and if you are worried about the exhaust vent you can put a silencer on it.


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Ive did a little bit of wading once and never found a problem with batteries getting wet, they seem happy under a seat, big drain hole, smear of vaseline and bobs ya monkey. If ARB compressors dont like water then maybe think about one of the Tmax double pumpers, they even seem happy to pump water and they hoof reasonable sized tyres up in no time :)

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What are the T Max copies like?

Like this one ... sounds pretty good?

might be complete poop - but looks like it came from the same chinese factory that makes the Tmax jobbies so could be a bargain? I figured they would be consumable with a short and painful life but they have impressed me with the level of abuse they tolerate

theres one on the left side of mouse


its seems to be reasonably splashproof


mods worth considering: junk the switch box (its carp) and the coily hose (also carp) and hard wire it :)

hope that helps

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Jez, you mentioned before how well they stood up to abuse. I was thinking about hard wiring in a Tmax twin cylinder to fill a 2.5 gallon tank I've got. My old ARB compressor would probably make enough to cover the T-max if put on the bay B)

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