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Removing Gaskets


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CRC has a product in a spray can, used to be called "Gasket Stripper" here before it got a Swedish name. It's really good in dissolving various types of gaskets making them easier to scrape off. And it's a good paint stripper as well. ;)

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I also use preparation wheels as they remove gasket really fast but don't touch the metal,

Ditto that ^^^^

You can also get gasket removal wheels for die grinders.

Danger with using a blade is that you score the gasket mating surface.

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Get a set of Facom gasket scrapers. They are made for the purpose. They remove the gasket without scratching the surface and they are shaped so you grip and hold them in ways that allows you to use force without developing muscle cramps and the like after prolonged used.

They are not cheap though.

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