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D2 body/engine/gearbox onto RRC chassis


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Hi all,

I know that the RRC and D1 chassis are very alike. But how much does the RRC and the D2 chassis differ ?

I'm thinking about taking a RRC chassis + axles - and putting a complete D2 on top.

Is this possible without tooo much effort? I know that the suspension is a bit different but is this a deadborn project ?

Reason for doing it ... taxes ;-)

Best regards


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The rear axle linkage differs. The difference in wheelbase might be confused with the more rear overhang a D2 has compared to a D1.

Not sure on what the wheelbase on a D2 is though, but if it really is 108" you can try to fit it on an LSE chassis? Some early classics were lenghthened also, for example some ambulance conversions.

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As confirmed above the wheel base of the D2 is the same 100".

From what I've seen under mine the chassis structure, body mounting points etc between D1 and D2 are pretty much the same. In fact I thought the D2 used a D1 body shell, just with the big arse and a re-skin. The door structures, inner wings, windscreen, rear door and floor are all the same.

A quick look at 'discovery chassis' on google images shows no major differences between D1 and D2.

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