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XTC Round 2


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It is just over three weeks until the 2nd Round of the XTC series on 9th May at Cowm Quarry, Rochdale.

To date I have just one entry in hand for this event.

Although the official closing date for entries in May 3rd, if I have not got 10 paid entries by Monday 26th April I will be forced to consider an alterative use for land that we have already committed to.

If that is the case then the future of the whole series and concept will be in jeopardy.

I can't help feeling I have been duped by all the people who expressed an interest in this type of event but are now conspicuous by their silence. Lesson learned I guess.

Further details can be found HERE


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Must Have:

MSA approved cage


and some other things like Mud flaps

Full info on the AWDC website

a report on round 1 is here somewhere with videos

Have you got a link as I cant seem to find anything about it on the AWDC site

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Just watched the video from round 1 on the AWDC and read the regulations. It seems there are some double standards as the regs say that suitable mud guards must be used but clearly there is a car competing with the wheels totally exposed!! I assume this reg is in place due to safety?.

Perhaps this is putting other potential competitors off and others may be asking themselves why can some "get away" with things and others can`t?. :unsure:

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As with any event the scrutineers will make an assessment if a car doesn't meet the regs whether it cans till compete on the day with a warning to remedy issues before the next appearance,

There is no reason why this should put anyone off and it didn't afford that particular vehicle any advantage.

There has to be a more fundamental reason why people aren't entering a discipline that 18 months ago they were clamouring for

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Not wishing to sound negative, but looking at the video of the previous event, I thought it was a big anti climax to me. I was expecting a king of the hammers style event, I saw a local mud bashers pay and play style event. Whether the video didn't do justice to the event, I dont know, but some serious cars are built for the event, and as a result, I expected more.

Please take this as constructive critics, I think any new initiative should be applauded.


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It's fair to say that Sidbury was faster and smoother than we had intended, although it would have been a different matter if it had been wetter.

In hindsight though it probably wasn't the best choice to open with.

The other three sites in the series are considerably different and although this will result in a shorter course it will definitely be more arduous.

You can get an idea of what lies in store at Cowm on their website HERE

You also have to factor in the vehicles entered. If we have gone straight for a KoH style event then half of the (admittedly small) field would not have been able to get around leading to course blockages and frustration.

This is definitely a chicken and egg situation, cars are and will be built for the discipline which itself need entrants to get off the ground.

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On the other side of the coin - if the events were similar or just marginally more hard-core than Sidbury you could bolster the field with some speed event guys. I came to watch the safari and helped clear up whilst you guys were setting up the XTC and I thought it would have been rather fun to have a go!

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even considering the first site remarks made i still cant believe there aren't more people entering. there was tonnes of interest in it when Neil mentioned the concept. He takes the plunge and now next to nothing. i suppose thats life, as i learnt with daily driver challenges, 120 interests and then only 12 enter an event. a 10% hit rate is not good.

Neil has had to cut the HW series in order to spread his time with the XTC and has some excellent commercial backing and now just needs competitors, so if you said you were up for it before, come on, pull your finger out, stop talking a good event and if only and actually compete.

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First, well done Neil for getting this up and running...

Next, if scrutineering let a car enter, although it dos'nt quite meet the regs then that is their descision! i,m sure all new cars on a new event would be treated the same along as it not a saftey issue, if you still dont like it then protest in the correct manner and pay the protest fee (i would think this applies being ran to MSA regs).

And more, yes a lot of people showed an interest, including myself. But nevermind the cost building a car, I can not afford any form of motorsport at this time! as this year is proving worst than last and the one before, with no trade and being self employed you have to be sensible.(yes i know, violins)When I spoke with Neil last year, I was hoping things would get better!!!

still more, as for XTC being like the KIng of the Hammers, its never going to happen in the uk......terrain. Rob has done a great job building his buggy and getting it ready, it,s fresh and is great to see somthing different (its what I would build, having a big interest in crawling) and when any problems are ironed out it will be competitive, but.....so will a green oval vehicle given the right venue.

Neil has one hell of a job in making this event work and with the venues and format making it even harder to keep ever one interested, but it's only round two of the first year so it will take time and personally i'm still interested.


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OK as we are not getting any feedback about why people are not entering, we will have to make a few assumptions.

So let's try and get things back on track for the last few days of campaigning and see if we can turn things around.

The next event will NOT be laid out for safari motors.

You WILL need a challenge vehicle to get around the course.

You WILL need a winch as there will be compulsory winching sections.

You will NOT have to worry about Rob Butler's truck as he isn't entering.

You will NOT have to worry about not having your MSA Competition License as applications will be accepted on the day.

Does this make a difference?

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EDITED... after speaking to Neil... ;)

No worries... can't see anyone being discouraged because of our buggy, but you never know... :blink:

I'd love to be there... but we are super rammed here @ work, and have a few bits we'd like to button up 100% on the buggy before it's next outing... so we have chosen to give this one a miss...

Shame really! because this is the turn in the direction we had been waiting for all along! :rolleyes::lol:

Go Neil! set out a person I'm not that keen on of a course and tell e'm to drive "fast"... that'll sort the men out from the boys! :P

Rob :)

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I was going to suggest, Neil, that one of the difficulties with promoting this is that no-one really knows what it is. I think your post makes it very clear! Well done.

In true Dragon's Den style - "Just so you know where I am - I'm not fitting a winch so I'm out!"

But in reality I was never really in. I think this is a great concept and will continue to watch with interest.

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I think that a lot of people how showed a interest would then have realised that their cars ie.cages would not comply to MSA rules like my old car,Alan Kemps and I think Jim Marsdens? ,I bet 95% would not comply.

It would be ashame to lose this event before it gets of the ground I hope the entries come in for it/you.

See you at cown if it happens.

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