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silblade wipers


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I've not seen the mudstuff one, but a similar thing has trundled by the workshop, atop a new polo and something jap and very boy'd up. I don't know how they'd fare with mud and grit, but the guys who had them said that they were pretty revolutionary for road use.



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I don't know about the MUD ones but I use the Aeroblade type wiper blade:


They keep the pressure on the whole of the blade and and do work well, just about to get a new pair as old ones starting to ware, they are a vast improvement on the standard LR ones.


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Considering the rate I go through wiper blades....£18 a go would make for a very expensive setup!

I've had a set of them on for over 4 years now and still good. Haven't had much mud use in last year, but did prior to that.


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I've had a set on my truck for about 9 months now and still performing well.

Didn't get them fom Mud, just found a seller on Eblag and from memory, around £10 each.

Worthwhile investment.


The last i heard Mud didn't stock them anymore!!

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None any cheaper on ebay at the mo.

I do really like the aero ones: cheap and work really well, but ultimately they're still just rubber which barely lasts a year or two before perishing.

In the states SilBlades have a 5 year warranty, so might see if they do from Mud.

Update: just called and they do come with the 5 year warranty (though the girl had to ask someone and neither seemed 100% certain to start with).

Guess I might treat myself then. Probably still more expensive if it only lasts five years, but if they're any better than others, as they claim to be, then probably worth a punt.

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