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BRITPART - The good bits?


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Partly true... but there are some quite expensive replacment parts going around.

I've just spent about 400 squid on parts for front axle... decided to go with a BP swivel kit, which includes everything you need to re-build a swivel (excluding the ball) its mainly all the gaskets.

The gaskets are branded gasket material and look ok. don;t like the look of the swivel lower bearing so got a Timkin replacment, other than that the upper bearing looks pretty good - better than the Allmakes one I pulled out of it.

I also got a heap of high tensile 12 point bolts for peanuts from BP and they cost a fortune elsewhere, and they are exactly the same as any other 10.9 grade bolt. chuffed about that.

I just think you have to be carfull with your choice of parts. If its dimensionally/safety critcal - thye you have to look about for a quality part. BP obviously are going for the cheap - but sell lots of scenario as aposed to the Ashcroft route that make bespoke parts that last a liftime which is reflected in the cost.

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britpart supply decent swivel housing grease....which now come with little tubes to insert into swivel housing- a marked improvement! cant think of anything else mind!

HAHAHAHAHA........I developed that for them about 8 or 9 years ago.........At Allmakes we now but it from the same place as Land Rover ........ :)

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The galvanised Defender bumpers are OK and a slightly thicker gauge than the standard LR item.

Thats probably down to the poor quality control of the steel thickness - they did intend it to be thinner ;)

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I replaced all four outriggers on my 110 with Britpart, and they were excellent in fit and finish.

Rear crossmember however was from MPS, the Britpart one looked awful.

Rear shock mounts - Britpart G - no problems.

Britpart thermostat - failed shut, cooked my 300tdi.

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Current Britpart swivel kits (inc balls) include the bush at the top which takes a HUGE amount of effort to fit in (big press or lump hammer). Having done them before with their kits I know it's not supposed to be so tight you lose a little curl of metal off the bush.

Unsure if it was swivel or bush at fault, really didn't have time to investigate, only had 7 hours to rebuild the whole axle(!)

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