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Fast Hydraulic winch build

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Right here's the relay valve info copied from a certain book hth :i-m_so_happy:

the main system on the left [pressure line from your pump/tank & remote connection on the right would be your gauge in the cab], not sure where/how you would get a similar valve to use & I've noted you've used a sturdy reinforced pipe/hose & the gauge is made for in-cab use.


pretty good idea of the airline you reffered too.

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The new winch mount had a correct set of winch mount holes, but for me, they were in the wrong place. I always feel more comfortable if the winch is pulling directly against the front of the winch mount as opposed to pulling against the shear stress of the vertical mounting bolts ……. HFH has demonstrated what happens if you pull too hard.

Normally I would have welded the holes, moved the winch to a new position and re-drilled, but I liked the winch position, so that left a 18.7mm gap between the hawse mount and the winch.

In the end the solution was easy ……………… cut off a chunk of 20mm plate (yes Nige, are you listening to this …….. I said 20mm plate :D ) using the angle grinder (just to annoy the neighbours) …………. as I don’t have a suitable mill, I used the lathe to face them up square, and to drill / tap the holes ……………… then you end up with 2 spacers that also act as nuts for the hawse ………. Job done.


Difficult to see … and difficult to get the camera in there ……… here they are fitted,


The next instalment will be the rear winch.


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Time for an update.........................

The winch has worked well, but as always, there are minor issues to solve. The two major problems were the 9.5mm plasma snapping relatively easily (now replaced with 12mm dyneema). The second problem was the leaking from the hydraulic tank vent whilst at extreme (don’t you just hate that word!) angles. Water mixed with hydraulic oil in the load bed is very slippery ! :blink:

This update deals with providing an extended breather for the tank.

A visit to my local hydraulic / pipe specialists provided me with the following,

A metric to BSP pipe adaptor, a BSP end cap, a ¼ BSP barb, a large dowty seal and an O ring.

This is the old splash proof vented cap.


These are the replacement parts


First job is to centre and drill a hole on the end cap to receive the barb………….



Then tap the hole using a ¼ BSPT tap (BSP Taper)




The cap thread is too long to get a good seal on the dowty ………….


So it needed to be turned to the correct length………..


Then a nice chamfer on the inside.


Final assembly


Now fitted on the tank. Ignore the surface rust on the tank edges………. We didn’t prepare the welded edges before painting ………. Easily fixed when I get time.



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Great thread Ian, and just the sort of thingi need to look at.

Who did you use for the pipework? were they any good and were they reasonably priced?

would you be open to a commission for the very coool breather arrangement you made? just what i need for my tank when i install it.

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