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Transfer Box Crisis


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Last Night on the way home I completely lost drive, so I coasted to the side of the road and had a fiddle with the gears and Hi/Lo. The only combination that worked was to put the land rover into low ratio with diff lock on. I then limped home trying not to allow the rear wheels to spin to much.

Is this definitely a case of a broken transfer box? I was recommended when I purchased the car at the beginning of the month that the transfer box should be replaced. If it is I need to source a new box very soon.

I live in Portsmouth, and would greatly appreciate if any body knows the whereabouts of a replacement box that is close.

The land rover is a 1993 200TDi 110

I hope my tale is not to vague for someone to help me diagnose the fault.

Many Thanks


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That means you've broken a diff/shaft/CV.

First off, take it out of diff lock and drive forward and back to ensure it disengages, then chock the wheels, apply the FOOT brake, select first gear and gently let the clutch up.

Then get someone have a look underneath to see which propshaft is spinning.

The spinning prop is the prop going to the broken axle, so you can investigate further once you know which end is away.

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Sounds like you need to try it in gear with the difflock off and take a look to see if either of the propshafts are spinning, try it with the handbrake on first though - you don't want to get run over by your own car - it's not very nice. ( don't ask me how I know :blush: )

Edit; beaten to it :rolleyes:

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Probably better using the foot brake, given the handbrake acts on one of the propshafts, and if it was a faulty rear axle, applying the handbrake could allow the transfer case to transmit drive to the front end negating what your trying to achieve ;)

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ok, stick the transfer box into neutral and jack up one of the front corners and spin the wheel, then do the same on the other side.

Its really just down to "feel" as to try and tell which side is broken or not. I'd imagine the side with less resistance is probably the broken one.

After that your onto stripping the hubs down to get the various components out to see whats broken.

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Been out again to identify the problem.

I put transfer box into neutral then jacked up right side and span the wheel. The front prop shaft started to spin, but then completely stopped. I then did exactly the same on the left side. The Prop shaft started to spin, more positively until I tried to change the direction. The prop then would not spin at all, forwards or reverse.

Next I put the transfer box into gear so as to lock the prop shaft. I jacked up both sides to see if the movement of one wheel would go through the diff to the other wheel, but this did not work.

I strongly suspect that this may be a diff problem, would you agree?

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Drain the diff oil to see if there are any bits,if there are bits it'll be the diff planet gears and/or the cross pin . If you remove the level plug you should be able to see (with a very small torch) what moves when the jacked up wheel is rotated, if you rotate 1/2 turn one way then sharply 1/2turn the other way you should be able to feel the 'drag' thru the cv and half shaft.

My 2p is on a blown cv ;)



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