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High current connector rating


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I am looking at getting some Durite high current connectors to put an Aux output/input for my battery. (Land rover 90, under seat etc.)

Which would be the more functional connector to get for general purpose "battery" use, i.e. jump starting other vehicles, jump starting my own, battery charging...

There are 3 main ratngs I'm considering, 50amp, 175amp and 350amp. Anyone have any comments?



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for jumping cars i'd want the biggest one tbh.

You migth get away with the 150, but if its marginal (especially cranking a big diesel) you'll get a lot of voltage drop (and heat) and that wont make jump starting any easier.

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I've got 175A connectors installed front and rear, (http://torberry.co.uk/twopole.php) and they've happily jump started several vehicles since doing so, and without the engine running on my truck either (simply out of curiosity rather than for any technical reason). I used 4.5m of 35mm² cable and soldered to the Anderson connectors, and the vehicles have started like they've just been started off their own fresh battery.

Stared a neighbours Frontera on Sunday which he had failed to start using his own somewhat more flimsy jump leads off his van, which was entertaining!

Really pleased with them so far, and easy to use.

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I have 50mm2 cable to a Durite 350amp plug on the left just inside the back door on top of the tub/wheel arch. Mine is there as it allows me to connect up to a power tipping trailer to charge the battery or run it directly.

I have a rather long set of commercial jump leads that I added a plug to aswell should there be a need to jump start.

One thing with these plugs you need to buy them all from the same maker as the connections are slightly different from one brand to another.(I found this out the exspensive way)

I couldnt find a bolt that would fit the hex shaped head and have a thin enough thread to fit through the hole provided so taking the in for a penny in for a pound approach I drilled it out the hole to make it larger and there is enough plastic there to do this.

Hope thats of some help to you

If you want any photo's send me a pm with your email address.


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Don't forget to route the cables sensibly and secure them to protect the insulation, and/or use an isolator. Otherwise you could drop 150A to your chassis at an unspecified point in the future and offset any benefit you've had from 'ease of use'! unsure.gif

Hmmm, agreed, I've got some quite useful spiral splastic protector, that combined with double wound elctrical tape works quite well for protection.

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175A is plenty. The 175A is a continuous rating. For shorter durations, they will barely notice even 1000's of amps.

I've used 50A ones, pulling 1200A for 4 minutes at a stretch. They get warm - but no more than that. The loss in your cable will be more significant than the difference between a 175 and a 350A connector.


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Hi Maverik,

The ones you have for sale, are these the same as anderson style ones for jump starting? Also is it a complete pair, ie one set for batt, one for leads? If so most interested and am in aberdeenshire so could meet up to collect them.

Holy monkeys, well I took delivery of my 350amp plugs, they are literally the size of on of my hands... I little too big and impractical, so just ordered some 175 amp ones.

Anyone want 2x 350amp plugs?

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