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AWDC XL Challenge 2011 Round 1


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Results are now published


I have also published the Timed Section points calculations which show how the points have been arrived at. The fastest to complete the section receives 100 points, all others are based on a percentage of how much longer they took.

Well done to all the drivers especially Kev & Dan for their 1st overall, Team Gunit for their first 1st in class and Barrie Gee & Wayne Gotheridge for their well deserved 2nd in class and 3rd overall. A new generation of top teams is emerging.

Great weekend, fantastic weather and good team spirit. Just a shame that with 11 teams spread over 20 sections and 1600 acres it was almost impossible to find any action to watch.

Hopefully the photographers had more success!

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Excellent day, really enjoyed the site and the stages - even if we did have a smal roll on the first punch of the day!

Thanks to Barry for being a handy anchor point on Section 1, seeing his truck drive up the 4 foot wall was awesome.

The different colour tape for left and worked well, a good improvement on last year.

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Massive Thanks to all involved with setting the event up and i'm so glad that the AWDC went ahead with the event! I had never competed at Walters before, I wana go back NOW! Fantastic selection of terrain! Each section was different in its own way! we really enjoyed the 'NEW' timed sections biggrin.gif Really pleased to see Team Gunit and Barry Gee getting results, well deserved boys!!

I still can't believe the size of the site! I don't think we have ever covered that many miles in a winch challenge laugh.gif

Can't wait to see all the videos and pictures that were taken! When we were in timed section 18 (AWESOME) there must of been nearly 10 people pointing cameras in our direction!

Looking forward to the next round and would recommend everyone to sign up for it!

Thank you to GOODWINCH for the generous prizes smile.gif


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brilliant weekend and a good result, the truck mods are a massive help.

thanks to neil and team for one of the best events yet,

big thanks to john sales for freeing our front winch line on SS1

and letting us use the truck for an anchor,

and david bowyer, we used his aswell later ....


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Fantastic event loved every minute of it

Very well set out and a fantastic turnout of marshal's, but f me it was cold, wish we had gone to the hotel with kev and dan.

Best moment of the day had to be watching barry roll the tomcat, then try to get the punch again only to drive up the tree which rolled him in the first place resulting in the tomcat standing on its nose

Me and saley couldnt stand for laughing.

Cant wait for round two when hopefully the couple of little ( and i mean little) teething problems should be sorted out with the bulldog


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just like to say thanx to neil and the crew for well set out day,

cheers to barry for ground anchor,

and cheers to my driver for checking roll cage works AGAIN :)

lets hope the rest of the season is as good so come om boys get your trucks out :P

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Had a fantastic weekend and happy with all the modifications that have been made since last year but alot of this couldn't have been made so successfully without the help of alot of friends. I am grateful for the advice and help I've recieved it really has made a great difference on how the truck performs but if anything goes wrong over the coming months I want you all to know I will hold each and every one of you responsible :P but at the the moment I am praising each ad every one of you.

Thanks to Neil and the team for a great event, see you all at round 2!

Andy (Team Gunit)

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