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Lightweight Roll Call.


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I was never sure if our lightweight got onto the other thread, but I will definatly add it here! :D

1980, 2286 petrol, 24V FFR




ACR Stage 2 Kit - Head, Cam, Exhaust, etc

Rocky Mountain Paras / Procomp Shocks / Extended Rear shackles

12V system

Lumenition Electronic Ignition

Roll Hoop

Marshal Powerguard MTs

Loads of other bits and bobs!



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Heres mine,

1979, 2.5 NaD 12J engine, parabolic suspension, Custom built wiring loom, and a lot left 2 do!

2 years ago (they were the days . . . )


and basically as it is at the moment (till i get round to taking some more pictures anyhow!)


p.s. Timebandit - I work at what was RAF Finningley (Now Doncaster Airport) can we have our lightweight back now please! :P

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While I'm scratting thru' pictures....

Here is one of the carp in the back... :rolleyes:

nice, was going to restore my 109 FFR in the back as well, but after looking at the prices of all the amps, switches et cetera decided to keep it reasonably standard on the outside and change what I like on the inside for rallies, tours and motorcycle transportation :)

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Well MickinSYorks was watching his white trainers for the entire circuit of the course and I think we just headed up a hill thus obscuring the rest of you.

Never known anyone so precious over their white trainers!! LOL

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B) 1982 Airportable bought from auction in Suffield, Alberta, Canada. Now resides on the left coast of Canada, Victoria, BC. I have now owned it for the past 3 1/2 years. Now has RM paras, RM overdrive. 24 volt FFR. 2.25 petrol rebuilt by me 2 years ago. Suffix C transmission rebuilt this past spring. Dunlop radial rover 235/85R/16 tires on 109 rims. Named Gertie after my old mum. Has not let me down once.



'82 Airportable.

PS I would like to put up a picture as well but haven't a clue. Can someone put up instructions. Tah,D ;)

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Keef: Thanks for starting this thread again, it is a pitty that they could not get hold of the archives and save the original thread from LRE.

Mike (4Mud) I was not going to post on here as I am considered by certain peeps as Petulant :unsure::D

Funny that you say:

I know, it's so long since you last used it, you can't remember where you parked it!

I moved it just the other week, and went back to the undergound garage a few days later and it had moved all by itself, it was in a completely different space. Perhaps it needed some exercise and decided to go for a run on its own. True, honest. Well I did leave it unlocked as they were decorating the garage, I told them just to push it around as and when required, they suggested that I leave them the keys, I can not type my reply here.

Sorry it is an old photo, must get some new ones done soon.


just noticed that there is no moderator yet for the Mil section, I wonder should I apply. :P

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