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How do I actually apply under seal?


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I am just in the middle of having my Discovery welded up extensively and want to put something like the black waxoyl under seal. But don't fully understand how to apply it.

I thought about buying 1 5 litre can and pouring it into a pot and painting it on by brush and then also buy a spray can of the same stuff to spray into the hard to get to areas.

I have seen triggers and things for these kits which to be honest just confuses me.

Please can someone explain it to me?


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The workshop I used to manage did quite a bit on new vehicles (before they got dirty underneath - best time to do it) and typically used 8-10 litres - the best stuff was the Finnigans "Undershield with added waxoyl" -


I have it on my Ranger and it is still perfect underneath.

The rustproofing company that cannot be named used to claim using about 30L of Waxoyl on a chassis, some of that would be internal but I'm not sure where they managed to find enough space to stick the rest on without it dripping off.

We used a fairly cheap Draper underbody sealant gun on an airline and using the 1L Schutz cartridges, and it used to come up looking really good, though that was applying it on a wheels-free ramp with the wheels off the vehicle so pretty good access. The gun was one of these:


I guess you could get a vehicle up on axle stands and mask the brakes etc off with poly bags, but rolling round under the vehicle would be messy!

Think they used to stand the cans in front of a fan heater for about 30 min which probably contravenes most of the H&S regulations in Western Europe but is quite effective :)

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I have listened to everything and went to Halfords today where I spent about £75, I got a refill bottle I think it is a 2.5 litre bottle and a 5 litre bottle, I looked for the air gun attachment spray gun but they didn't have any at the one I went to, So had to buy the Waxoyl brand own attachment high pressure spray gun and the wand thing. I accidentally let spent a lot more than I meant to today and have gone over my immediate budget as I also had to stop at my local Land Rover specialist where I collected the rear body mount bushes, rear discs and pads, front washer jets and something to do with the wheel seals which came to £86.

I know I don't have enough under seal to do the whole car, but I am confident I have enough to at least do the areas that have been welded and then will do inside and outside of the chassis rails and then as much as I can until I run out, then in about 3 weeks I can buy another 5 litre tin and finish the rest of the car.

But again, Thank you soo much everyone for all your help and advice. :)

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Learn from the master!

Or there's a guide in the technical archive:


Having not red the HFH guide to woxoiling before I now fear my colleagues deem my outragious laughing and ability to xhower the office computer screen with coffee as sackable offences! Seriously, never laughed so hard at someone else's misfortune like I did today.

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