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Fitting a Mantec Raised Air Intake issue

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I have been given a Mantec 115-RAIDEF Raised Air Intake for my 63 plate Defender 110 Utility. Whilst the majority of it looks straightforward and a post by White90 shows some useful pictures, how do I get the pre-threaded bolt retainers into the wing with a rivet gun? I've never used one but surely they are way too big? Any help would be gratefully received from this Defender relative-newbie.

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I've not fitted one myself, but I think you're talking about rivnuts or nutserts.

They need a different tool to normal pop rivets, however with care they can be done with a bolt.

wind a nut right onto the correct size bolt add a washer or two. Then screw the bolt into the rivnut so you have full thread engagement in the insert. Then you can turn the nut to pull the rivnut up tight.

Where abouts are you based? there might be a member with a rivnut kit nearby?

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I had the tool - but it just does upto M6. I've just tried to put an M10 half hex nursert with a bolt and it didn't go so well.

I think the hex in the crossmember has rounded out and the nursert feels like it won't compress anymore even though it's not tight. I think the oversized nut and the washers stopped spinning.

I've done it ok in the past ok - though that was wish nursert that were easier to compress.

I've cleaned the washers up and greased it all and will give it another go to see if it will fully pull it down on a second go....

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Sometimes it's just convenience. When I recently had to replace the knackered nutserts that secure the steering column bracket tot he front of the bulkhead, M10 rivnuts would have been the right diameter for the holes, even though the old bolts were M8 equivalent. In the end, I had to make a steel plate with M8 rivnuts and insert it from the open end of the bulkhead section near the wing and use welding wire to drag it along into position. Rivnuts that size allow plenty of torque on the bolt without stripping the threads.

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