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Is a second (large) battery needed?


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So sometime i'm going to add a winch to the 110.

I'm not going to be competing, it would just be for 'get out of trouble use' when laning etc

Does this warrant a second large bat, or will one do for occasional use?

I would prefer to add a second small bat on a split charge (say 20Ah) for incidental use, and leave the winch on the primary. Main reason being that due to my modifed seat box (LPG tank) i dont have enough room for 2x large bats.

comments please....

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Guest dew110CSW

I'd say (and don't treat this as gospel by any means) if it's only going to be used occasionally, and with the engine running, then you may be able to get away with only the single battery.

You don't mention what winch it is, power raiting ect..

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I dont have the electrickery technical knowledge to back this up....

At the quarry, everytime somebody who had an alternator pack up whilst winching, they all had a single battery (about 6 to date). I dont recall anybody losing an alternator with twin batterys, might be coincidence but might be worth a mention.

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for occasional short pull use one largish battery [deep cycle type] will be fine provided your alternator is a least 65amp capacity, I ran my husky on one battery for a while but then went for 2 & split charge, as I had other things to power.

I'm surprised the batteries can survive without mains hookup in your truck Ralph. :ph34r:

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