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Discovery 2, wheel arches discoloured


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You can plastic primer them and then paint black. Or a heat gun used gently will bring back the black.

If you use the heat gun they might turn black, but would they also appear as a puddle on the floor? Is the word "gently" important in that sentence?

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I used a paint stripping heat gun to bring back the shine and colour of some plastic panels on my Honda pane European bike.

Trick is to apply the heat in a circular motion and keep the gun constantly moving. Otherwise you can damage the panel.

Get an old panel of some sorts to practice on first.

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A heat gun is how it's done in the trade. The effect lasts a few years and can be repeated several times. Use a circular motion from a distance and heat the surface very gradually to stop it melting. Once it gets warm, you can almost use the heatgun like a paint-brush to restore the black.


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