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Right, I'm fed up with paying silly money for metal.

I have so far bought all my steel from 'metalsupermarket' in Southampton. It is uber-expensive.

I'd like to set up an account with a proper supplier in the area (Winchester / Hampshire-ish).

Everyone seems to 'know a mate' who can get steel for them, but I don't and I want to be able to get anything I want, rather than know someone who may or may not have what I need.

Anyone have any suggestions where to get it from / how prices compare to the metalsupermarket type places?

Cheers, Al.

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what do you need?

That's my point. I don't have an immediate specific requirement (maybe some more tube soon, but nothing major), I just look back over the last year or three and figure I could probably have saved some proper money by shopping elsewhere - I've spent a lot in that place :( . The good thing about metalsupermarket is that you can wonder in and usually grab whatever you need.

I struggle to believe that a commercial place set up to cater to small orders to members of the public can be competitive against an specialist 'industrial' type metal supplier/stockholder, but I bow to your knowledge on that Tonk - I know you're in 'the biz'. [They don't even officially have a scraps bin! - a sign of the 'smallness' of the operation if you ask me, apparently scrap sized bits are exactly what most of their public-type customers want, so they just sell everything].

There must be someone that delivers next day-ish, has better prices (even if it means having an account) and a decent stock list of different stuff (stainless and ali too if poss?)... :unsure:


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I befriended the local steel companys delivery driver, I place my order with him, give him a few days and pick up the steel on a Saturday morning ;) Amazing how much steel he considers is worth a few pints!

Only last week I was talking to my old boss at an engineering firm, he was telling me that at the moment, steel companies wont honour prices for longer than 5 days non-ferrous prices only stand for 24 hours. With him not being able to find a constant price supplier, he shops around at least four stockists for every purchase!

My current company uses A LOT of coiled steel (we make pallet racking, shelving etc and use tons per day) and we have been advised to expect a 18% in December and a further 12% in February :(

Another good outlet for me is the local scrap yard, they have many contracts for local engineering companies, if you can be bothered to sift through the swarf, you can find some real good stuff for the price of scrap. Not so good if you are being particular about grade though!

But it does seem to be a case of shopping around, perhaps being lucky and finding some old stock than being able to rely on one supplier - else pay for the convinience.

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Hi - I work for a specialist fabricator one of the top in the uk - I'm talking structural and architectural not


I sell bits and pices to jo public - but its a pain

Anybody who wants a small piece of metal we generally have to cut to size from a 6m lenght so you pay a premium we generally operate a min charge so its not ecnomical

If you want to by steel try a stockholder - or a metal profiler parkers are good - they will want good information not a story about what your doing a sketch/drawing with exactly what you want is a good start

Of course if you have a mate who works in the trade it makes it easy

Another tip is to find smaller sheetmetal company - have a look in their scrap bin generally they will let you have what ever you want - but scap is worth alot these days

Hope this helps



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I get all of my metal from the local supplier (Ashmore and Allen). They have an off-cut bin, and let you rummage through the racks. You're expected to pay cash and if you want something sheared, then you pay extra for them to do it. I wouldn't say they are expensive - it only cost me £30 for all the metal to make the rocksliders for catflap, so a big saving there.

Les. :)

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Steel is expensive, end of story!

My experience has been that, yes, it is alot cheaper when you buy directly from the stockholders. However you'll find very few who will sell you anything other than a full length, or a full sheet. If you only want a single length delivery is expensive (and many will refuse to deliver to a residential address). Otherwise transporting it is interesting - a 7 m length of steel is longer than your truck is - car jousting anyone?? :lol:

If you want short lengths or small amounts expect to pay a premium for it!

Only thing i've ever done in the past is to get friendly with a local fabricators and get them to tack on what you want to their next order and get it ordered through them.

Many fabricators now will not allow people to rummage through the scrap bin, for health and safety reasons, but also cos they've had so much trouble with the local Pikeys! Scrap is valuable thesedays, and you'll often find not much more than swarf in a fabricators scrap bin - they keep everything they can for use on other jobs!


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Thanks for your responses. Perhaps I didn't make it very clear, but I'm not just after the odd little offcut.

I've spent 100s / 1000s over the last few years on metal (mostly steel, but not all). I have no problem buying full lengths - it's always good to have spare stock anyway.

Anyway, thanks for the leads, I'll check them all out and see what's best.

Al. :)

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I'm lucky enough to have a mate in the trade fortunately but I still have to order mine in full lengths (6M) now i usually transport it on the roofrack of my 110 in single bits with a hi vis waistcoat tied on to the back, but when I'm in a different car I just take a hacksaw with me and cut everything down to 3M which will fit on most cars... sheet is a different matter though, I have to get all that guillotined on site before i try and move it...

interesting point though... it is actually possible to move 2 4x4 sheets of 16g, a mini front subframe and a 200tdi bulkhead in a clio, not a very comfy driving position though :)

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I heard yesterday that a 2 pence piece is now worth 3 pence in scrap. but then there was a big reminder about defacing the crown carp.

[Geek mode on] Only the coins minted before 1997, as modern coins have had the copper content adjusted to reduce cost [Geek mode off]

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Brundles, millbrook road, southampton. You can buy ther trade or public, setting up a trade account is easy,no hoops to jump through. Delivery is free if you spend over 95quid. As a price guide here are some recent purchases

7.6 metres of 100x50mm box in 3mm wall thickness -32 quid

25mmround tube with 1.5mm wall 6.1 metres 8pounds 50

48mm x3.2 mill tube, 7.6 metres (ideal rollcage stuff if you dont need CDS) £21.55

steel sheet 8"x4" 0.8mm 17.75.

their deatals as follows F H Brundle Millbrook road, third avenue, southampton so15 0jx

tel: 80703333 fax 80705555

If you just turn up and find the metal is too long they will cut it for you while you waitand help you load it on your roofrack or whatever.

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