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LR 90 - Inner Wings

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Hi All,

Started to strip the 90 down to sort out engine / clutch / gearbox issue.

Was wondering


The inner wings - I have the galv type know there are plastic types.

Does anyone NOT run either on / off road, and does it cause huge issues or not ?

Mine - fill with mud and goo on both sides, so was seriously wondering ...

Thoughts ?


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Aren't the plastic ones simply a liner for the steel ones?

Without any inners wings you'll end up with an even dirtier engine bay! You may think it gets mucky under the bonnet now, but consider how much mud Simexes shift...

What are you hoping to gain if none fitted?

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I ditched them ages ago. No problems. Only the brake booster goes a bit rusty, which could one day mean it stops working. I meant to make some splash guards like a series 3, but in plastic, but it hasn't happened yet.

It makes working on your car much easier, because things like exhaust manifolds or a starter motor can be accessed via the wheelarch.


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Thinking some more I'm sure I recall reading about someone having made parts of their inner wings removable for accessing certain components.

I think it may have been Ash Witty with his Cummins powered 110.

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