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Series 200 tdi without the turbo


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My cousin currently has an S3 which he fancies a 200 tdi in it.

He's been speaking to a company that have recommended putting a 200 engine in, but removing the turbo.

Do any of you on here have any opinions on this ?



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Fitting a Discovery 200Tdi to a 109 is a problem because of the turbo fouling the chassis, so I can see why people do it in that case. Removing the turbo saves the need for the intercooler and oil cooler, so you can just use the original rad and that in turn saves messing about with the front panel and arranging mountings and plumbing. It does however create extra work on the exhaust side. I wouldn't criticise either choice as both have their merits, and it is very much down to the owner and use as to which is most appropriate. All that said, I wouldn't bother with the transplant unless retaining the turbo - far easier to fir a 12J or gas a 2.5 petrol otherwise. DOn't forget that commercial bodied diesel vehicles are clobbered with Emission Zone charges these days, as well as road tax, where as petrol vehicles don't pay EZ charges and dual fuel vehicles pay less road tax (unless already over 40 years age, in which case being classed as "historic" precludes road tax and I think EZ charges too).

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